Samsung Galaxy S8 review

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Biometric issues aside, the Galaxy S8 is a brilliant phone

Apart from a very high price and biometric issues, the Galaxy S8 in a triumphant mix of tech and design

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a powerful phone with a design that’s unlike anything most phone buyers will have seen before – and it’s stunning.

But it’s also one of the most expensive devices out there right now, and packs in a few questionable design decisions to accommodate that large display – essentially, Samsung has rolled the dice to create something that looks truly breathtaking and innovative.


Nezar Anwar says:

These guys got the unit WEEK in advance and had a WEEK to correct themselves regarding the camera sensor…..but nooooo…
This is what happens when a random guy decides to pick up a phone and read out what's written on the box… no effort in research.
Least they can do is look around on the net and see LOT more videos claiming difference in sensors,…

Dennis Knight says:

All I'm saying is that I HOPE the Note 8 doesn't use a curved display.

Mark O. E. says:

"first time we see a flagship phone which got soo little bezel" what about the g6???

Andrew Hoffman says:

Number 1 – put the phone in a case. You've paid a lot for it, keep it that way.

tv android says:

s8 = dildo phone

officialpartychannel says:

Terrible review

JediKnight Rock says:

I am getting it Friday

Andrew Riley says:

So I guessing if you lose your phone or get robbed the robber would have to take a picture of you first before leaving or else the phone would still remain lock.

Adam Lawton says:

Can you minimise the screen like on S7 with the swipe gesture

Brian Kirkham says:

would love an s8 to replace my s4. now just need money.

Billzloveschelsea says:

waiting for the Note 8
I want a normal fucking screen

Crysus Bu says:

Pathetic hordes of sheeple predictably enslaved in the annual veneration of artificially inflated devices.

#Note5 IsBoss says:

Can't wait for Friday S8Plus in the house.

John Cotton says:

terrible review premium headphones included,they do have new camera sensor any mention of Bluetooth 5 only phone with it! unsuscribed

Security Officer says:

Iphone 7 all day

Kim Bridge says:

Awesome would love an s8+

MrIchikun21 says:

Why make a 18.5 : 9 long screen when 90% of the games, videos and youtube videos are on 16 : 9 screen ratio, just WHY? If you use S8 and don't want to have black empty bars on each side when you watch videos or play games, you have to crop the videos/games, and lose details just to have those on full screen… This makes the S8 new screen useless to be honest. That's why I'm hesitating and might just buy the S7 instead.

ron cosby says:

Bixby sounds like the same empty promises as svoice when it was first announced. Hmmm… New names new svoice, new lagwiz etc… Stop trying to out Google Google. How'd tizen and svoice make out?

Craig Davies says:

stereo speakers on phones are overated. They are ok on my Z3 tablet but my S7 is actually louder than the Z3 phone I had previously. I never use phones for movies anyway. No rush to upgrade but it's between this and the XZ premium next time around.

João Paulo says:

Another reviewer that doesn't bother or doesn't know how to check the hardware on the phone… The S8 ans S8 Plus are not using the same rear sensor as the S7 and S7E. They're using 2 new sensors… One from Samsung and another one from Sony.

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