Samsung Galaxy S8 review

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are Samsung’s redemption moment, the first major phones from the company since its disastrous Note 7 last fall. We filmed this review on location at One Button (

With that much pressure on their shoulders, the pair of S8s have to be good, and good they are. In fact, these phones are great, and easily the best phones released so far this year. Subscribe:

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MicVic79 says:

Watching this on my S7 edge

Ali Sidhu says:

welcome to your tape S8…

FindingNuggets says:

Someone pleaseee give the link of that wallpaper

enzo corpus says:

Want to win Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, click here


It Looks Great , But They Ruined It With Bixby Botton , Face Lock , Finger Sensor Position …


I'm i the only one sensing a Lil bias in this review 🤔

Richard Smith says:

yes you can remap the button to other apps


apple better get their voltron up!!

humsafarinazra says:

the wallpaper looks lit AF

Guillermo Ayerdi says:

At this point I'm begging for a playlist of all the songs used on the verge reviews

Sereyvathanak Piseth says:

should I wait for the s9 ?

Roy J says:

i am watching this on my Galaxy s8, just got it 1 hour ago
It is awesome!

Ray McCarthy says:

Preordered my first ever android phone, the s8+. Very keen for the 21stn

Ray McCarthy says:

Wow mate what a premium video. Subbed

Easton Hill says:

if i have tmobile and got a iphone 7 1 month ago, could i trade it in for this?

Michael Rodgers says:

The difference with the camera is the fact that multiple photos are actually snapped with each shot and the processing puts it all together.  The SD 835 makes a difference with that processing and the improvement in low light shots is noticeable.

Steven Newton says:

4:40 "please be naked"😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Steven Newton says:

I doubt you're keeping this phone for two years.

Klonoa says:

1:22 music please?

ErwinIgnacio says:

Really visually apealing review 👍

Rossiih says:

where can i get that background wallpaper? link please!

Matthew Moscotto says:

The biggest problem nobody is talking about is how thin the screen is on the S8. It almost forces you to buy the S8+ for a wider screen. They should have matched the width on both devices.

AlphaIndi says:

am i the only one did not like the phone? same design like s7 except big screen..

Owen Xu says:

he cant open his mouth when talking

Henning Gu says:

4:47 They are actually from Naver.

Solah Udin says:

i rarely dislike videos but this just deserves one

Henning Gu says:

When I first held this phone in the I was like: I want this.

jnmks says:

the new S8 is giving me chills omg its so beautiful

Phil Jiang says:

best wallpaper ever

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