Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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Despite the stark new appearance and display aspect ratio, it is yet to be decided if this new, almost bezel-less design trend of the Galaxy S8 is going to lead to a meaningful change in how we experience the smartphone as a tool. Having the bezels reduced is perfectly OK when it comes to …

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  • daniel barga

    the most boring review i've seen yet for S8.

  • junaidx

    0:32 quite the angle you can make with your thumb

  • Najat Haiadry

    im not English native speaker and iam finding it hard to understand every word this guy says

  • gtone339

    Almost my dream phone! Should of had that Duel-camera & embedded finger scanner on the screen, but who cares its all about the screen display hehe!!!

  • oren760

    what is your opinion?
    Upgrade Nexus 5 to Galaxy S8? Worth it or to wait for better option?

  • enzo amorei

    prone to scratches and easily crack,.. fragile beauty. stupid sammy.. they should use da sapphire glass instead of that kindof ape glass

  • David Poulton

    you said the s6 was a great phone? shorter battery life then, no expandable storage and not waterproof…

  • Ghano Zemouli

    Over 1000 nits max brightness !!


    Mr. terrible accent is back…. why? but whyyyyyyy?

  • Vedraj r.m

    damn, live wallpapers used to slow down my Sony Ericsson W8
    which run android 2.1
    but I'm shocked to know that the latest and greatest smartphone still suffers from that issue

  • yamahaevo

    overfuckingsharped as fuck

  • victor hernandez


  • Hakan İstanbullu

    Yani diyorki atı alan üsküdarı geçti. Its too late now