Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

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Daniel gets stuck into the most important flagship Android phones of the year, Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+!

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Vanda Cheng says:

A very good and detail review for me !

KurdChK says:

Please remove the f*cking stupid Bixby button in Note 8 please.

Get informed Wake up says:

Excellent review

Nick Kenner says:

This was a phenomenal review! This guy is awesome! God I want this phone tho

Ben Rogers says:

Best reviewer

Andrew Schuld says:

This guy is an amazing reviewer. Thanks for the excellent points that many other reviews don't cover

SW21 Sharky says:

samsung only real point in screen display. which is why there price point is top notch. i remember when Samsung was bottom of the chain and Nokia was top! lol but i own many samsung devices but still every one misses something…

Andrew Ackley says:

Nice review and great delivery but felt like an ad. Used the buzzwords multiple times but otherwise great review.

Anne Frank says:

i've seen reviews for every single major reviewer, mkbhd, evan, esposito, verge, android authroity, casey neistat, dave lee, krystal key, engadget, everythingapplepro, etc. etc. etc. and this review by android central is by far the best review

Sai Sidharth says:

Johnny sins reviews the S8 ❤️

Arthur Alcantara says:

by far you hit a home run in this review.. the best of what ive watch..

Flash Boy says:

very good professional review

nathanpreece says:

This guy is really good.

Suliman Almujaidel says:

by far this is the best review i saw for the Galaxy s8 plus on YouTube.

jkSam says:

thanks for validating my purchase lol

Ygor Cortes says:

Multi frame processing is NOT something completely new. Actually that's what Google uses on HDR+, but even better. It's important to note that HDR+ is NOT just a normal HDR mode.

Ygor Cortes says:

What improvements did Samsung do on the facial recognition? The standard Nougat one is already great and extremely fast.

Saif Uddin says:

Is that Johnny Sins?

Kiruba Shankar says:

Guys, his suit is not tailor made which sucks !!
Doesn't fit him well.

Mahesh Das says:


Juan Ferrer says:

finally a reviewer that knows what he's talking about specially regarding the camera.

Gilbert P. says:

Damn Daniel, you stepped your game up! Sick review.

ziad az says:

everyone knows their is no physical home button on the screen. i stopped the video at 2 minutes, i can no longer watch him saying what everyone already knows. you should use the phone as a personal phone for atleast a week then do a user's review. No one wants to hear the specs, we can read them off samsung site. we want to know how is it for full time use and if it gets hot and a lot of info that are not in specs

Raymond Petit says:

I love the way everyone seems to have forgotten that the same curves exist on the Note 7.

Sylvester Sparks says:

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