Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Return of the King

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Our Galaxy S8 review shows off Samsung’s 2017 flagship phone, one of the best mobiles ever conceived.

Best-in-class camera tech and innovative design are just part of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s charm. This 5.8-inch smartphone more than lives up to the excellent Galaxy S7, offering an even better low light camera experience plus a return of elements from the Note 7.

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  • Je je Ortega

    They didn't make the fingerprint button gorilla glass. It's still easy to scratch 🤛

  • polofunk

    My S8+ will be here tomorrow on Verizon 🤗🤗🤗

  • Elon Musk

    Return of the King indeed!!!

  • SuperManSwag_

    S8 Plus Or Iphone 7 Plus not sure which one to get i want a change from Android but then im not sure if its worth doing?