Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

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Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2017!
Bluetooth 5.0 Explained:
Galaxy S8 skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


Phone provided by Samsung for review.


lol lol says:

pre-ordered it and i can't wait to meet my new baby 😉

saeed pooyanfar says:

Samsung is shit 😷😷

Hosni Guiling says:

Typing on my iPhone 7+ here. My Orchid Gray 8+ is arriving on May 5. Can't wait 😊. I hope I didn't choose the wrong color though. I've always been a black-phone-guy for so long.

Tushar Sharma says:

do s8 vs s7 😎😎

Gal says:

You point curved screen as a plus? It is the worst part of this phone! For most people this phone is expensive and we would like to protect the screen. Tempered glass helped so many and it's so cheap (1-2$ each). But with curved glass? That's a no no. And for what? To make subtitles look weird in movies? To accidentally press the screen with you palm? It's pretty, but it is more prone to break now as you can't protect it. Sorry, G6 nailed it with the flat screen.
And don't get me started on the camera.. Same camera? no additional lens? That's bs. Sure, it's not a bad camera but look at LG and Apple.. Zoom lens, wide angle lens. And Samsung with last year's camera.

iamnowherecauseofyou says:

Nice shirt!


don't show off your great hands!
– a message from a legendary JERK!

Christian says:

It looks like a very nice phone but actually that is all it is. Samsung is like Apple, close format and wants us to be far away from Google… The battery is the same that note 7 Very pricy, Finger scan close to the lens that is so stupide not very well thought from a conglomerate.

Patrick Palmis says:

all u do is rant just to look like an intellectual person and u never had a perfect definition of smartphone geez

Irfan Ali says:

pupa yup pupe

PJ Sau says:

for every feature apple takes out of their phones, samsung adds/improves on those. Even though I dislike both these brands, I got to give it to samsung for this generation of smartphones.

Yashveer Singh says:

Hey Marques, could you please make a video with famous tech enthusiast Kai Man Wong (Kai W)
Thanks you!

Samarth Mehrotra says:

I need an s8. can't buy. pls help.

ashcrash143 says:

LG G6 Review

mad Guy says:

is it me i thought it said hi baby at the top of his screen

Liam Kras says:

Now, this what you can do: launch camera, press and hold home button: and Google Assistant will scan your screen for you 😉

mad Guy says:

i have my upgrade in june so should i get the s8 plus or the note 8 in august ?

NelajThaGeniu$ says:

This is why you the best Tech Reviewer, if it ain't recommend by you I don't want it 💯

Kiran Maruvada says:

is this better than Google Pixel?

Marcos Gibson says:

I wish Samsung would support it's software every 6 years

Marcos Gibson says:

I hope that it won't explode

Marcos Gibson says:

Samsung has courage because they kept the headphone jack Apple the only reason they got rid of the headphone jack is to sell their crappy Apple AirPods


Hey Marques, i just wanna say you are an outstanding reviewer!! One of my favorites, keep up the excellent work man, thanks.😉

Imtiaz Ajam says:

I'm waiting for the S8 to be recalled after the exploding 😂😂

Khaled Salhani says:

Make direct comparison with the S7.
I would love to see how much of a difference the new image processing can make?

daniel barga says:

I've seen couple of reviews already but this review took away half of my attention to some other things. Watching this review is like seeing an art and an experience! It's like I'm looking at some home living magazine where the surroundings looks very nice and calming. The setting of the video is nicely done. Love it.

TheNikhil112 says:

what's that 🔥 wallpaper

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