Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: What do you get for $850?

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Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
It’s a big phone with a price tag to match! Having spent some time with this sexy, sleek, phablet, what should you expect from this premium purchase? Here’s our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S8+! Scroll down in this description for time code table of contents.

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Table of Contents:
Intro 0:06
Design & Ergonomics 0:15
Hardware & Specs 1:45
Home Button 2:17
Fingerprint Sensor 2:35
Iris Scanner 3:17
Display 3:44
Software 4:52
No Bixby 6:50
Performance 7:49
Camera 9:02
Audio 9:54
Battery 10:30
Conclusion 11:28


MohammedMaslehuddinKhan says:

nowadays midrange smartphone coming with us 64GB at 4 GB Ram at the price of $400 i am disappointing with Samsung s8 is using on the flagship phone but it is using the storage on found on mid range smartphones 64GB at 4 GB Ram I am very disappointed with Samsung nowadays flagship shoes are coming to with a storage and the RAM hire 128 GB of internal storage and 256 GB of integral storage and Ram 6 GB and 8 GB RAM are coming flagship smartphone now days

MohammedMaslehuddinKhan says:

Samsung Galaxy S8 is so expensive and what we are paying we are not getting a full of that amount of benefits so I will not buy S8 I will wait for the Note 8 I wish Samsung would give in the price of more storage & ram 128 or 256 GB of internal storage 6 GB & 8 GB ram the price of 750 dollars and it $850

Austin Childs says:

seriously the most ugly phone out right now… I'm gonna wait for the S8 Active before saying anything elce but I already know the S6 and S7 Active phones are so nice looking so i can't wait for the S8 Active

Infinit3Enigma says:

just installed a gpel protector on my s7e and since my current case won't work I'm running it nakid. and by god even after a year its one of the most beautiful phones. Dont get me wrong the s8 screen is gorgeous but I own the exynos model so for soc performance its only marginal at best for even Linux containers and suck. I would wait for the note 8 or any future phone. preferably another generation of soc improvements ?

TommiHG says:

Great review. Not worth my money. 🙂

Anthony savena says:

getting my s8+ soon all I can say best phone out and best camera

G Penny says:

Great vid!!!

SeKToR says:

9:13 "12 mega-pickle camera"

Raja Sekhar Perla says:

Fantastic and genuine review as always. Have seen reviews just praising this device for looks and omitting it's flaws in the process. You proved different to such reviewers which i like a lot….

Sauber Wolf says:

Your buying this phone mostly for the Aesthetics.

free mov says:

again mega pickle

Tiktok Toyatoya says:

dark theme? a bit of the windows phone fanboy is still in there, I sense

Carlos Munoz says:

Another arrogant phone reviewer. That doesn't use a case!

Colin Taylor says:

Juan….. Where can I get a stylus like you are using?

parazaa says:

12:17 Wtf with the G logo on the Pixel. This phone is possessed lol

John My views says:

This is a fault finding review, nothing more.

Max Johnson says:

Arrested Development.

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