Samsung Galaxy S8: Unboxing & Review!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 – Unboxing and Review! Samsung’s Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus released and in this unboxing and review, we will talk specs, Bixby, camera quality, comparisons, and more! To see if the Galaxy S8 or S8+ is worth buying. Check out my Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 video soon!

Galaxy S8 Photos:

This video was sponsored by T-Mobile, but all opinions are my own.

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podrouzk says:

Guys, just because it has no bezels it doesn't mean that it's the best looking phone ever. Think about it for a second. Curved display like this has no practital use. And it doesn't look that great to me, there are many design flaws that you can see.

Emantalks says:


Emantalks says:

MAD INTRO!!!!!!!

Qaz Quaz says:

Hey Dom what's that sick background track let us know dude!!!

zhi b says:

hay nice job man the angles are great and you have really honest

Shahzain Ahmed says:

This crispy video made me subscribe. 👌


this is touchwizz and it will begin to lag afer few moths of heavy use.touchwizz,grace ui whatever its the same shit and it needs to disappear

kaymurryum says:

Just happened upon your video and randomly noticed the Tempe Town Lake bridge! Instant sub. Also, your review was pretty fair. 🙂 Cheers!

Hassan Khalid says:

The creativity is legit.

jayden says:

the best phone of 2017

victor hernandez says:


horsthorst11 says:

aaaaaaah DAT PORT PLACEMENT! Why didn't they put the USB-C port in both ways in the center of the bottom? As someone with a quite a little bit of OCD i just can't accept that.

Michael Arrington says:

Samsung phone are garbage the IPhone is still better

MMQuck says:

bitch wash ur hands before u do this shit. y ur hands so greasy

Adam Foster says:

lol, do a s8 vs iphone 7. That make apple look so old

HeyItsDank says:

what are you using for standing the phone straight up on the table?

arcmino woowawa says:

Dom, i do really appreciate your shooting and setting. good job. cheers! would you please review DeX . kerp going

Adam Foster says:

I. Want. One.

VenomousGamerYT says:

iphone comparison

Sebastian Hernandez says:

When you are about to buy an iPhone 7 Plus and this beast appears and make you consider your own existence

Angel Navarro says:

The best video 🙂 Thanks for all you videos …..

João Paulo says:

I'm quite surprised most reviews don't know how to check the hardware in a phone. If they did… they would notice the S8/S8 Plus use 2 new sensors for the rear camera.

King Deion says:

love the tattoos

Tajinder Singh says:

for dope shots dom is best 😎

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