Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Apple iPhone 7 (CNET Prizefight)

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Read the camera shoot out article here –
Sure, it’s Samsung’s new kid on the block versus Apple’s iPhone 7, but will it show how much ground Apple’s next iPhone has to make up?

Galaxy S8 review:
iPhone 7 review:

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Thug Krysalid says:

in the thumbnail the galaxy looks like the futuristc looks of the iphone that were on the internet since 2011😂😂😂😂😂

moonwalker5445 says:

No wonder! S8 is the winner… Thank you guys for the hard job

Javier Arroyo says:

The only way iPhone is better is if its jailbroken

CharlieAndSai says:

Samsung can boys

Senai Seifu says:

should i get iphone 7 cuz its 200 bucks cheaper? or wait to save up for samsung 8

Desgeneratico says:

isheep, don't watch this video! It contains a painful element called TRUTH that you will not be able to handle, so you will be desperately replying to justify your wasted money.

Isaiah Armstead says:

S8 should've won this as easy as it did, can't wait to see the S8 vs iPhone X(or whatever it'll be called)

Alberto Tanase says:

He probably got paid for this video

abdallah mushi says:

I am a samsung fan! I own an s8, but my brother, on performace let the iphone be an iphone, iphone 6s can outperform any samsung to date! On camera! Its a game of choice!
But there is a reason for apple, still having a bite of the market share! And winning the flagship battle!

eric adrian Vicente says:

We still love apple u ass

eric adrian Vicente says:

You are so biased. How much money did samsung shove up in your ass

f22shift says:

This is what happens when Apple is lazy. The iPhone 7 should have had the iPhone 8 features.

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