Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 – Which Should You Buy?

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Is Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Better VS iPhone 7 & 7 Plus? Design, Display, Features & Complete Comparison Review.

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Clones Drop Test:


Kari G says:

i have 3 sim card slots? (Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime)

lewis camacho says:

Android is better. I like customizing my phone. Ios might be faster, But you could just download a launcher like nova launcher. which makes the phone way faster. Android is better than ios if you know how to use it right

CouchCamper1 says:

my old iphone 4s still has a better user experience than my lg g4, im not sure whether I should risk android again

Gaming with Lunik says:

you know what makes them expensive its the screen when its boken and the repair like 61 dollars

pazuzurising says:

last year I finally switched to the s7 edge and love it after having every iPhone since 2007 I am glad o switch now I just saw and played with the s8+ last night and absolutely love the beauty of it

Lutscherkoenig says:

FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE! You´re so LAME. This is not an SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 this is a CHINA FAKE !!!!!!

Samsung S8 has NO LOGO on the front and on the back the fingerprintreader is on the right side, not left.

John Brown says:

🐬 ⋆ 🐻  🎀  𝐹𝑅𝐸𝐸 𝐼𝒫𝐻💞𝒩𝐸  🎀  🐻 ⋆ 🐬

The Game Dyke says:

Apple sucks. It always has and always will. Why does anyone use Apple garbage?

Vignesh Ekambaram says:

learn to lift the phone up when explaining about the phones . can't even have a closer look at the phones in ur hand when u compare the designs

Manmohit Singh says:

Fake S8 in his hand 😂

SDav21 says:

The Xiaomi Mi Mix was leading the war on bezels. It was the first. The S8 is flawed…bad fingerprint scanner placement, small battery, default Full HD resolution. So overhyped and nothing new or innovative here.

Again don't forget that that resolution isn't the default but only FHD. Lies by Samsung.

Max Lee says:

Yet again this loser ranting about the new phone without the actual unit on hand.

alex blankson says:

Obviously Apple has the upper hand seeing that you have to compare Samsung's 8th generation to Apple's 7th generation…so when the apple's 8th generation phone comes out, what will it have to compare to lol

Blackstone Temple says:

This is morally wrong. How could you summon the courage to compare iPhone 7 to S8 ? Except you out to hurt them iPhone fanboys . Apple died in March'17 . Rest In Peace .

qamar bukhari says:

Plz p10 plus vs s8+ vs iphone 7 plus
Plz plz plz.

Larry198s says:

ok but its the battery good and wont explode like Note 7 did?

Larry198s says:

Stranger Things good movie,

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