Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. LG G6 Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the latest Android flagship phones for 2017 from Samsung and LG. She compares the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 smartphones with high resolution widescreen displays, Android 7.0 Nougat, near bezel-free designs and top cameras.

Watch our review of the LG G6 here:
Watch our view of the Samsung Galaxy S8 here:


oxce says:

Great breakdown as always Lisa, i myself prefer the g6 for some reason but i feel as though the soft keys use a larger than normal screen real estate. That being said i love the wide angle enough to look past that.

Ric Graham says:

In-depth and informative as always! Thanks Lisa!

Nicolo Lorena says:

Thanks Lisa! You've really helped me in deciding which I want to buy. 😊 I'm going to buy the S8 with a faster snapdragon 835.

Ecirroh says:

Hey Lisa, another great and really through review! I really like how unbiased you are, keep up the awesome work! 😀

heliopheonix says:

Great thorough review. I appreciate how you went into detail about changing the screen resolution to save battery life. That really helps!

Simoun Yumol says:

coolest grandma ever

Nguyen Cuong says:

Love your video. I've been waiting for this comparison.

Samuel Kim says:

great vid. enjoyed the unbiased comparisons and straight forward delivery overall.

Dan Barber says:

Love your videos Lisa. They're always so in depth and more from a users perspective. Keep it up!

Mariaaah says:

Very nice comparison, I was looking for something like this as I am torn between the two.

huckleberry582 says:

Sure do enjoy your review videos. My wife and I are in the market for new phones right now and I have told her to watch your videos about a few simply because they are easy to understand and seem very objective. I like how you seem to get past the hype and review real use cases. Thanks.

Slifer7564 says:

hey Lisa just wanted to say I found your videos when trying to decide to get a asus t100 windows. just wanted to say that I like how no your comparisons are always unbiased. and love the way you show off the G6 and the s8

Niklas Andersson says:

I love your smackdowns and likes your reviews very much! Keep up the good work.

Slayer1111111111able says:

Great video lisa! Really like all the points you brought up. I'm getting a new phone soon and it really is between these two, and this video really helped me out.

GoldenGlove209 says:

both beautiful devices but S8 out classes anything on the market as of now.

Alexander Espinal says:

Thanks for the video Lisa, your videos are always super detailed and your knowledge of tech history always blows our minds away. One of the best reviewers on YT

Derek Belk says:

Great Smackdown! Going to make this a must watch for those considering both phones.

Nico Fischer says:

I love your neutral perspective on devices you review, everything is on point and after I saw your video, I just feel as if I'd know all about the device you presented. You really helped me out a few months ago with my choice of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Your videos feels just so natural and honest to me, but sometimes I miss a more appealing visual experience, like more clean or diffrent camera slides, or pictures of the phone in a different invironment. Of course such stuff is time steeling and I must say, with your complete, clean presentation, I'm much more in love as with uncomplete bullsh*tty "cinematic review". Thankfull greetings from Switzerland. By the way, I like your slightly funny parts too, very refreshing.

Freaknic says:

Your reviews are amazing and have helped me pick the right mobiles many times! first one being HTC m8.
but back to the video!
I would probably pick the LG just because it does not have the EDGE screen.. hate the miss presses I do when I used my sister's Samsung 7 edge >.<
If you or anyone read this comment I hope you have great day, cheers fellow youtubers high five

Mahip Deva says:

It was an awesome. Video and i loved the content. The depth and clarity of the individual petformances were gr8. Loved it. #mrmobile

Mike DePaul says:

Great comparison. I really enjoy the long, in-depth reviews. I think I'm still waiting for the next Pixel, but the S8 does give me reason to pause. Keep up the good work.

Kyle Cordiano says:

Not only are you a fantastic reviewer, but Lisa you really do have a good speaking voice. Keep the updates coming.

Louis Kévin says:

To me the S8 is superior to the G6 but the G6 is still a good choice until the US ! but in Europe the price difference is smaller while we don't have wireless charging so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone..

ichiban2point0 says:

Lg please hurry on the V30!

be Positive says:

LG G6 better

MR P1 says:

Good video, you've earned yourself a new subscriber 💪🏾

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