Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Real Camera Review: Can it beat all the dual camera phones?

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Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Expectations are high for this phone. Last year’s Galaxy delivered one of the best cameras of 2016, but now Samsung faces more pressure from premier partnerships and dual camera phones. Is the Galaxy S8 a top performer, or has Samsung held back in too conservative a fashion? It’s time for a DEEP dive into some camera tech…
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Dana Zangana says:

megapickles is getting old, find something new, don't be like Apple!

Andrew Farid says:

great video. thanks for the information. what is the name of that stylus you were using?

Eric Myers says:

As always, excellent review. Highly Informative, unbiased and top notch production.

cyberjo50 says:

Nice, detailed camera review! how do you upload the youtube video from camera without loosing quality? did you edit and resave it in premiere straight to youtube?

William Arrington says:

S8 is really good at taking reef tank photos. We use heavy blue in our lighting and many phones cant handle it. I was able to zoom into this harsh light and still get detail without blur

Peter Hayton says:

Good performance from Samsung here and I think Juan's centre of the diagram rating is spot on. Personally, I wish Samsung focused a little more on accurate colours and less on saturation and sharpness. As I've said previously, the P10 Plus seems to offer the BEST night shots, which live. LG offer the better video AND AUDIO with the V20; however, Samsung leave us with a promising performance and room for improvement (Note 8). I just wonder whether there are too many dropped frames in video and a lack of innovation in the camera app for a true top tier 2017 flagship?

Cloudy Nights says:

How's the camera while using Snapchat?

Mia Chong says:

Extremely in-depth video that was also communicated simply enough for a camera layman like me to understand. Awesome job Juan!

Solaiman says:

Well the s7 and s8 master one thing and that's speed. With the dual pixel auto focus it beats any other camera on speed and that's the most important thing imo because quality wise all camera's will do a really good job but if it comes to just carelessly taking a picture as fast as possible, well that's where samsung makes the difference in it's camera.

Thomas Hill says:

These camera reviews are great. Do you ever just do regular dslr/mirrorless reviews?

Diz Ethan says:

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Sergey Zhuravel says:

here's a great app on the state of the battery wear

Sam Elijah Lien says:

am I the only one who got so Distracted by the comments sections (megapickels)

Sam Elijah Lien says:

lmao everyone is talking about mega pickle

Axel Crime says: I'm going to do this on every of your videos. Please I want that S8, Please Mr. Rivera 😢

bevan williams says:

Classic Sammy really – build what could be the perfect device, then slightly spoil it with gimmicky/tacky/unuseful software features and seal the 'but WHY?!?' with the fingerprint sensor location. As Maxwell Smart said; 'missed it by that much.'

Calico DaTruth says:

I bet when he goes out to eat he says no "mega pickles" please 👀👀👀😂😂😂😭😭😭

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