Samsung Galaxy Sky Full Review

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Today I bring you the full review of the Samsung Galaxy Sky.
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the404man says:

Do you know if this phone works on verizon ?

sserv06 Shearman says:

How can I also get it for $50 ??

John Horgan says:

not able to find how to use the Screen Mirroring feature with my Samsung Smart TV

buddyroach says:

that display looks like ass

Frank Pedersen says:

my s 5 takes 1000% better pics than that

Frank Pedersen says:

my Galaxy 's 5 is 1000% better I can do more on it than you ever could do on the pice of shit Galaxy Sky

Bill Reynolds says:

is the sky better than the S5

Bill Reynolds says:

is the sky better than the S5

Jill Snoddon says:

does this have a gyroscope?

dell_bell bb says:

I got that phone for christmas, I broke it the other day because I didn't have the case on it. The had a small crack but now the screen is all black. You can only see a few colors, nothing else. But it is a pretty awesome phone.

nitrous xp says:

I have the same phone

Aaron Greenfield says:

very good, especially for a budget phone. fast snappy quad core processor. very bright crisp & clear amoled screen, colors really pop. android 6.0, 16 gb memory, 5 inch screen, but phone has thin profile. only downside is it doesn't have a gyroscope for vr aps. other than that, it's one of the best budget phone's out there.

Michelle Shea says:

how is the volume when you sync to cars bluetooth device?

Games&Ammo says:

Does it have a gyroscope


Was comparing this to the Samsung J3 emerge. Both looks great. I like the emerge a little more but I like the sky because it's Super Amoled

Canyon Overlook says:

Would this phone be usable in Europe if I got a sim card there?

david simpson says:

Excellent review. I was thinking about getting one and now you sold me on it. Good budget phone.

Zendall007 says:

Hi Paul. Thanks so much for this great review. After watching it a couple times I decided to go ahead & buy it. Picked it up on QVC with a year of service & 1350 mins/data/text for $100. I love this phone! I'm having an issue though that I wonder if you can help me with. Now & then a msg pops up saying Unfortunately, Touch Wiz Home has stopped working. I can't find any recent info on this or specifically for the Sky. It doesn't seem to hurt anything. It freezes up my screen briefly then acts normal for days. Any thoughts or ideas on this? Thanks for any input. πŸ™‚

Daviana Fernandez says:

any one know where I can get a screen for this phone mine cracked on the 1st fall 😣

Francis. Mingora says:

its ok it like my galaxy grand prim has cheep plastick back case pic taken is fare its low budget fone

Sem Billington says:

you should do the Galaxy S5 on that Network

Canyon Overlook says:

Does this phone have Gorilla Glass?

I got this for what is basically free on QVC with 1 year of Tracfone with triple min, data for life for 109.00.

OfficialChamelion says:

I got this phone for Easter and I think it's amazing

bbaslp says:

Do you think this phone takes better pictures than the galaxy grand prime with 8 front and 5 back because of the super AMOLED? Thanks for your help.

Matthew Castaneda says:

just got one todayπŸ€—

Betty Watson says:

Got it on Total wireless and love the Verizon service they use and awesome phone!! Saving So much money!!!

Linda Johnson says:

Great review, very informative. Going to purchase one.

Kirk Butterfield says:

Great phone. I wouldn't even buy any galaxy phone if this is an option for you. I'm pissed I paid soo much for a s7.

Lissa The Fangirl says:

One thing no one talks about is the front camera. Any phone I've had the front camera takes up the whole screen like the back. Those phones were also 2mp front 5mp back. This only takes up a small portion. I've tried to fix it but there is no option. There is also no media player on it so you gave to install an app. I'm honestly considering taking it back.

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