Samsung Galaxy Sky Review And Setup

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How to set up the samsung galaxy sky. Thank you for watching and click here to buy your very own Galaxy sky:This is a very easy to use smartphone with great features for the price.

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BathandBeautyFreak says:

I just ordered this phone and I currently have straight talk but my current phone does not have a sim card. What do I need to do to swap my current service to the new phone?

Francis. Mingora says:

i have galixey grand prim i like it works good its fast 4g lte am on verizion towers this fone is good fone

Stephen Kat says:

Hi I got one of these on black friday and before I set it up I have one question. Do you need to be connected to a wifi to get online line?

Michael Hamilton says:

At the 3:43 mark on the clear plastic pkg, there is a sticker and a thin strip device. What are those used for? They have to be for something, but I do not see where you used the.

edward james says:

you touched upon the scary setup part, which I appreciated because I just bought one and don't have a clue what to do.

Sunnyacres55 says:

Thank you for the nice video. I ordered this phone couple of days ago and expecting it delivered today. My first cell phone/smart phone so a little nervous on how to use & set up. This was very descriptive to start me off. Have never even used texting, just a 10 yr old GoPhone that's just a phone.

Logan Jorgensen says:

what's the difference between Samsung Galaxy j3, Samsung Galaxy j3 Sky, and Samsung Galaxy sky.

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