Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Unboxing & Review

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The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is overhauled for 2017 and remains the flagship of Android tablets.


Pricing & Specs:

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Josh D says:

Is Google ever going to update their Pixel C?

Just ME Onlyme says:

A 20 minute review, in 4k…

Vanleer Egan says:

How original

Vanleer Egan says:

The ipads better

Angel Viamontes says:

Galaxy Tab 3, iPad pro, or a chrome book for college?

SpongeSquid 0444 says:

When are you unboxing the Galaxy S8.

Ziel.ona says:

I still have got my Tab S2 and it performs just great in my opinion, so I'm not going to buy Tab S3. I only regret not having the S Pen, cause it would be very useful at school. I think this glass design is a terrible idea, cause it's heavier and more likely to be damaged than aluminium. That's also a pity that they haven't done the 8' model. But over all, I think it's a great device and I'll definitely take a look at it when I am in some shop.

Palacio Freire, Pedro José. says:

Does it come with a wired TV out port?

I connect my tablet to displays through HDMI for presentations. This tablet is very nice and all but without a video cable port is useless to me.

John Karlo Agustin says:

Neh!!!I still love the iPad Pro

Mohammad Ali Aanan says:

tab-s is the best

Rozy Subedi says:

why is this guy not uploaded s8 unboxing??

Daniel Song says:

When all your features are off the iPad pro 9.7

Tazrin K. says:

Wow! A detailed and thorough review, which of course comes from you every time. Keep it up!

XboxCarsForza says:

iSheep and Fandroids, can we compromise? Apple and Android both have their unique weaknesses and strengths. k?

peppazfletcher says:

i'm a tablet guy.. i love big screens … finally a Tablet i can buy…Thank you Samsung

Only Bernard says:

Can you please do a review on the 2017 version of the Samsung Galaxy A series?

Luka Estrada says:

Excelent review! Thank you.

Juan David Antonio says:

My friend Julian likes Samsung

John Luu says:

ok now they aren't even trying anymore. that design is as apple like as it gets. but i have to say, the s pen always was capable of more things than the apple pencil

Christopher Smith says:

using the keyboard and mouse

Christopher Smith says:

u can put mjnecraft pe and feel like u r in minecraft win 10 edition

Alex's Tech says:


Qal Z says:

6000 mAh battery for a tablet in 2017? My 2012, 5 year old ipad 4 has 11000 lmfao

Josh G says:

looks worse than the s2

Kasperi Haverinen says:

Is it worth to sell my ipad air2 to this?

GamingWith Anas says:

Please help me to buy an ipad

Tsvetan Simeonov says:

Google Assistant is not available on tablets.

Harry Montague says:

Please please PLEASE do an unboxinf of the Samsung s8!! Saw a youtuber go to the convention of the release and I completely fell in love with it! I'd want to get it for my next upgrade when my contract expires but I'd rather get a before hand of it's pros and cons. THANKS!

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