Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile Phone Review

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Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile Phone Review. In this video I give you my opinion on this budget end Google Android mobile phone.

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  • branchyapple

    Bwhahahahahha feel good to see one of my first phones :p

  • Anggara Rizki

    My first Android phone! It's so nostalgic, I even still keep it. And one of the reasons I bought the Galaxy Y was this video so thank you Sir! 😊

  • Kristi Vlore

    3 yrs and I still use it,never fixed it

  • the. harvester

    dude i know this phone isnt really in to use nowadays but this was the shit when it first came out i mean back in 2011 if u have this phone ur the coolest in class lol

  • Audi Ansyah

    i use samsung galaxy s7 edge but samsung galaxy y it's good to

  • Issie

    Wow, I remember this phone!

  • Adam Záhorský

    this was ma first phone 🙂

  • Jayden Lewis

    why dont i have that nice back texture

  • Kim Han

    I don't recommend people buying this phone. No hate but my own opinion since I am currently using this phone now. The performance is really bad and it shut down by itself sometimes. The phone is really really slow. That is why I am changing to Iphone 5 soon.

  • Kalpesh prajapati

    i also have samsung galaxy y in last year but today i had taken new phone of samsung galaxy grand 2

  • Kalpesh prajapati

    galaxy y is best phone in world of samsung

  • vincent asakira

    this is only a unique kind of phone..coz you can upgrade it with a different kind of version.

  • gm92845

    The shitiest phone samsung ever made. 

  • sham shode

    Galaxy y is the shitest phone ever

  • Mina Benchabbi

    Sa donne quoi en français

  • Socorro Rodríguez

    Dicho mobil

  • boyuchuadaniel

    Why not just get a Note 4?

  • Legendaru Godi

    I love my Samsung Galaxy Y!!!

  • alohaalexxxxx

    Thanks for the review! Very, very helpful 🙂

  • Georgina Martin

    Thanks for that video… I want that phone and I needed to know what it was like but i think i might buy it!!! 

  • MrsJane34

    Back then, it was a good and cheap phone, but I wouldn't buy it these days.

  • Lucy Brice

    yes it is a smartphone so you can download all apps and i got mine for £50 or around that price oxox

  • titilayo bello

    I have this phone and it sucks ass! Seriously, what was Samsung thinking when they made this phone? After 6 months of using it, I am tired of it. I will upgrade to HTC One M8…

  • Mukul Chugh
  • Georgia Matheson

    Can you access the playstore fine from this phone? And please tell me it's on vodafone

  • yoongibts

    can you download the following apps on this phone?:)
    twitter, facebook, snapchat, instagram, whats app and vine.