Samsung Gear Fit 2 with iPhone review and compatibility (May 2017)

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First a review of the device, then showing you what exactly you can do with the Gear Fit 2 using an iPhone as of April 24th, 2017 (still the same in May 2017) —
Video by Steven Sabbe –
Music by Joakim Karud (CC:BY –


Agent GuL says:

is there a working sleep tracker for ios?

Summer Rain says:

Great video 🙂 Can I ask if when getting a phone call I can answer it on the watch (With an iPhone)? Also can I make a call on the watch and use the microphone and speaker on the watch itself?… and one last thing! Sorry lol can you respond to notifications or just see them? Thank you 🙂

ZaloFoX says:

Good!! Is fully compatible with IPhone 6S? I want to know if they whatsapp notifications and to answer them. And also how long the battery life is? Thank you very much and I await your response. Good video and greetings !!

Dan says:

Hi. Thanks for posting this video. Very helpful. Please can you tell me if it's possible to use standard replies to iphone notifications ?

Prajval Rao says:

thank you so much

Prajval Rao says:

will it work on iPhone 5s

Satyajeet Sahoo says:

Is it compatible with iPhone 6 by using the samsung gear fit app ??

Rodrigo Bezerra says:

It's possible to control Spotify through my iPhone on the gear fit?

Jennifer Alencar says:

Very Good! Thanks!

om prakash says:

How many phones can be connected to gearfit2. just need to know whether can i connect both my samsung and iphone at the same time ?

Roberth Lemos says:

Is it possible to synchronize the GEAR FIT with the IOS health APP?

sulekpe says:

Finally good review gear fit2 with iPhone! I wonder if is possible to have connected to iPhone and some other android device because of sharing workouts data to runkeeper or other services?

Trenton Bortz says:

Awesome review! So with downloading apps if using an iPhone with the fit 2, is spotify not available? Is it just available for android users?

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