Smartphone Awards 2016!

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The best smartphone options of 2016!

Top Big Phones [1:27]
Best Compact Phones [3:34]
Best Cameras [4:57]
Top Budget Phones [6:53]
Best Battery Life [8:53]
Best Built Phone [11:11]
Most Improved [13:05]
Biggest Bust [13:43]
MVP [15:32]


Galaxy S7 Edge:

LG V20:

Galaxy Note 7:

iPhone 7:

Google Pixel:

OnePlus 3T:

OnePlus 3:

ZTE Axon 7:

Moto Z Play:

HTC 10:

Xiaomi Mi Mix:

Project Ara Suspended:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


  • pianoboy836

    Is the mate 9 really low budget? :))

  • Mark Alexander Labrador

    And my runner up is Galaxy s7 edge

  • Mark Alexander Labrador

    My MVP is iPhone 7 plus 🙂
    It has a good battery life, a good camera, IP67 water and dust resistance and it is the best when it comes to optimization and performance, it can even last up to 3-5 years 🙂

  • Kevin Maguire

    The iPhone 7 is garbage though, all they did was add in features from Android (like waterproofing) upgrade the cpu and then take away the headphone jack

  • The Diamond Axe

    what about honor 8 ?

  • HeyyItsPhil

    "Lo Budget"

  • Ananthu DeadlyKnightz

    hello marques..
    (MVP)Most valuable phone of 2016 is
    One Plus 3T

  • The Not So Awesome Gamer

    Love the iPhone 7 & 7 plus

  • Davy Comedy

    I wish reviewers would tell us the price

  • Sami Shaikh

    one plus is best

  • Imran Yo9872

    s7 edge and s7 are water RESISTANT NOT PROOF

  • Sreenivas K

    OnePlus 3T is the fastest phone at present…..!$

  • Skaimedz Dr

    Is this your own list or based on stats?

  • kamal raj

    The MVP in my side is the thing which has the moto as NEVER SETTLE the one and only ONEPLUS 3.

  • Vipulrashmikant Patel

    I loved one plus 3t because of less price. Great battery Life And best performance.

  • TheProG4mer360

    Don't argue it's opinions

  • MRwightGUYhd

    What about Huawei p9 for the best camera. It shits all over the 7plus

  • MaximumPride116

    Was I the only one saying boom at random points when he had the note7

  • jan seger

    wow… wow wow.. what a collection..;) only got 10 different models..;)

  • ShaynanMontenegro

    Low not lo…

  • Dhruv Dogra

    I think design vise the priv was also a good looking phone.

  • Dhruv Dogra

    You could've rated s6 for the second category

  • JackHurtsLeg

    yo iPhone 7 in best small smartphone? where's iPhone SE (Sick Edition)

  • ivory iveyyy

    fuck my stupid xperia z5 😖😖😭😭

  • Rashtaani Mohmud

    moto z play 😎

  • Alex Uzumaki13

    you should put another category which is
    Best Sound Quality
    Like if you agree

  • Jin Yang

    IOS is the best.