Sony Mobile Projector MP-CL1 [REVIEW]

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Sony’s first mobile projector can display movies and gaming up to 120 inches but is it worth the $350 price tag?


Irwan Yusnian says:

how much that price

Stevie Thomas says:

Holy sh*t…continued watching and stuff's out of focus…fml lol

Don't give up the day job just yet.

Stevie Thomas says:

Not a true unboxing if you've already…unboxed it. Think the joy and excitement shared is in discovering it for the first time and yes, we viewers can spot when this is faked too.

irfan kolhapur says:

How much prices and when came in India

Muhammad Furqan Iqbal says:

My friend please tell me how to connect MP-CL1 connect wires sly screen mirroriong to Huwaei Mate 9??

mohanad HUSSINE says:

هذا أفضل موبايلات هذا ممتع للغايه

Misael Martinez says:

what means both lights power and battery on?

DJ Dogs Wallop says:

whats the point of a portable pico projector that doesnt play movies off a penstick, I had a Philips PicoPix and that played movies off my penstick, even full 40gb blu ray rip MKV files

blufireYT says:

he didnt say helloo!!!😢

Lion Heart says:

you dumb ass you should show some video to show result of projector .if dont know how to make video then dont west time of people

Tommaso Sirigu says:

I'm researching for hours and I also stumbled upon this here, but I found something better.

LG PF1000UÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1483468038&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=lg+pf1000u&dpPl=1&dpID=31E9oSqvamL&ref=plSrch

an Ultra short Distance Beamer with Sizes up to 100" unfortunately that Beamer costs about 949€ but if you calculate Size vs Cost I would say not bad.

Szabolcs Keri says:

$350 is not that bad, I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive from Sony.

Devang Bhavsar says:

pls tell us price

Boba Fett says:

They aught to get rid of the internal battery and added a tripod mount


dude i was watching this freakin video to convince my dad to get me one and now u convinced him to not after saying that it isn't worth it THANK YOU!

Aroon Kumar says:

gobachi projectors are much much more better then this with all connecitvity

LPmusic says:

How do I wirelessly project from my iPhone 6S? Having trouble doing this at the moment.

ChelseaFC _Buzz says:

Id say you need a cam that can focus first to be honest

Irfan Alam says:

yes learn how to review


How many price

Jojin Kang says:

$350 would be a great price.. unfortunately it's closer to $700 in Sydney

Wen Liang says:

720? in 2016….

Manly Comet says:

Learn how to review.

Madhu Kiran says:

unable to start my new pico projector

Mario Lorio says:

hey nelson torres, can i use my note 4 with this to watch movies. thanks

Carlos Avila Lavalle says:

when using an xperia phone the best way to do it is: conect the projector to the phone by bluethoot and conect the projector to the speaker using a cable.

Dr. Asad says:

PEOPLE HELP : i am planning to buy this as my TV replacement. Is that a good idea?
It says it runs for 2 hours on battery. Can I run it while connected to the power outlet?
And also, are there any heating issues? How long can it run before heating up?

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