Sony XPERIA X Review: It’s not a flagship phone…

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Sony’s new Xperia X is a bit tricky to pin down. We’ve got a top tier price, but Sony’s approach to hardware is a bit more conservative, parring down the vanity specs for a more focused and streamlined experience. We’ll always celebrate more premium options in the mid-range, so does the X satisfy the savvy shopper? Here’s our full review!

3 things we like about the Xperia X (and 3 we don’t)
Xperia X First Impressions

Major thanks to the folks at for their assistance with the Sony Xperia X loaner unit we used to complete this review.


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Domingo Nater says:

The only. Pocketnow reviewer that don't try to sound like the rest of the channels. Idiots

Lukas T says:

Why oh why did they remove the waterproofing -.-

Pete Bauer says:

Fucking Android šŸ˜’ can we have these phones without an OS that doesn't look like it was designed by a retard and keeps changing the privacy settings by itself?!

Elly Xx says:

Would you buy Samsung a5 (2017) or this one? Is here anyone with one of these phones because I really don't know which one to take…?

Kristian ElkiƦr says:

Waiting for a Xperia X wirh SailFish OS – WOW

Phanna Kh says:

What is flagship mean?

Nyeem Olusanya says:

tysm man I'm gettin this phone soon

DRWXP says:

this or Honor 8?

sun witness says:

how much in uae….. in Usain Xperia c,,,it's almost used 1 nd half year….

capitan Long nose says:

Is it worth it for abou 330?


it cost now 250 dollars

Samir Jhingran says:

Got it yesterday for $399, very good phone.

Muhammad Risvan says:

what's the name of that stylus?

Wajih Siddiqui says:

Xperia x or moto G4 plus?
Xperia x is $50 more than moto G4 plus rn at $350

DrGanja99 says:

Already $350 at Best Buy. Sony trolls with initial pricing

blindalterego says:

for the price we're paying for would you say It's not worth it?…. because I don't want to buy no expensive phone where it feel like its about to blowup….I got the first Xperia phone and had to return it after 1 week because of how hot it was

Linkin Dhruv says:

Huawei and MI injured Sony and Executive decision killed it.

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