Sony Xperia XZs Review – Sony’s Best Phone… Till the XZ Premium

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The Sony Xperia XZs is Sony’s best phone yet. Fixing many of the reasons why I haven’t liked Sony phones in the past – but it’s still not perfect. Find out in this video if you should buy this, wait for the Sony XZ Premium or buy the somewhat older Xperia XZ. This review includes a look at the pros & cons, performance, camera tests and 960fps slow motion tests. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

Buy the unlocked Sony Xperia XZs here:

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Sunny Liu says:

Fingerprint scanner isnt too important to me, since ive never had one on my own phone, but if im paying that much money then its a turn off for me

Rishabh Patel says:

Isaac please

Neumonic Videos says:

get the way better xz premium imo

GuyBey0ndC00L says:

The design team for Sony always seems to be on vacation.

Aakash Chandra says:

dat low light shot was 👌

abhi_sh3_k says:

the earliest i've been to a canoopsy video 🙂

TechLineHD says:

Bezels. Great review, man! P.S. wtf about the fingerprint scanner… Regional policy should disappear.

Freak Show says:

Hey Canoopsy awesome video great cinematography
Quick question
Does Sony send you this review unit or
The unlocking company you work with ?

Razaq Reviews says:

Canoopsy got contacts? 👀

Snowmation says:

With the Sony Xperia XZ still on sale….for much less, the XZs makes very little sense. Sony could have done more to really make the XZs a worthy purchase.

observers eye says:

Bro don't wear that hat you look funny like caricature and your head look bigger

Video is good like always and don't get me wrong for all this what i say no offence or anything like that

Canoopsy says:

Thoughts on the Xperia XZs?

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