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Corwyn Maloy says:

Hmmmm, Mobile Flash Finisher or Console, both are sweet!

The Curse//RaianTC says:

How do u get speedforce flash??

Resul Abdurrahman Karabıyık says:

how to download mobile

Resul Abdurrahman Karabıyık says:

this is so cool and awsome video bro I like this

Cluster says:

May I ask what device you're using to play the game ?

nim ti pirgintii si ti rispindi is cimintiriis says:

01:20 bug lol

Alex Collingwood says:

Can you make a hacked account video for injustice 2 please like the ones you did for injustice 1?
It's one of the reasons I like to watch your videos

Dead Short says:

Specials is Metahuman Flash from Injustice 1.

TheHolyMakaveli says:

how do you get the star rating up??

Clark Steven Tan says:

How did you get a lot of gems and coins?!

Wacky Glavez says:

How did you get the gears?

segasan14 says:

45k Gems> how???

John Nguyễn says:

1:19 It kinda look like Godspeed

Marko Milo says:

damn this flash is an absolute beast! nice video THF keep up the great IJ2 character reviews dude!! 🙂

Caio Amaral says:

What day launch on USA?

gilang. rangga says:

warrior Queen wonder woman please

Syed Rizvi says:

This will be one of those p2w games. I can feel it.

Matako Ryuenji says:

How do you get unlimited gems and coins

AloyLikesSalmon says:

How do u buy gems I can't(I use the tutu app one)

Krish Menon says:

so freaking cool…

jmanyes says:

hope they will still update injustice 1, took me years to get to where I am at today.

Raymond Mok says:

was there an update??

Ash The Duke says:

how fast did you purchase them? lol and am lvl 13 whats the fastest way to lvl up

Maclaren Alexander says:

it's not a time remnant or speed mirage so what is that!!??

Cristian Damian says:

Is it me or is the blocking not as quick as injustice 1?

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