T-Mobile LG K10 Full Review

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XxIrresistable DoeseverythingXx says:

does yt play some vids at 1080p?

Brian Taylor says:

thank you for this review , this review and reading all the comments I have decided to purchase this phone and for the price it's a great price for my price range

Mary Ann Singh says:

I got it for free at Metro. I put an SD card in but unfortunately I don't have the option to move any apps from Internal to SD. Is there a way to fix this?

K- Rad says:

i am thinking about getting this phone, caught between this one and the lg x power because of that 4100 mha battery.

Chris Atkins says:

I love the camera quality and maybe it's because I'm an average tech person

Daniel says:

Why do I need an Iphone when I can get this one? I look forward to using Android Pay. Have you used it? I also look forward to using the Mobile Passport for clearing Customs and using this in Europe. It seems like a good phone and you can run more than one app in the background. I usually run a Flight Tracker or Police Scanner in the background.

I would never get an HTC, Huawei or ZTE the LG ones are better.

Daniel says:

Is the ARC glass as strong as Gorilla? Thanks

Daniel says:

I switched out my LG Aristo for this one as the K10 has NFC and Android Pay and pretty much the same features except this has Android 6 and the Aristo has 7 and 13MP Camera vs 8MP. Did I do good by switching to this phone? I don't really need a high spec camera. Can the phone take night shots? Thanks.

Jill godfrey says:

can't find a screen protector that fits the screen, so I opt out of that sad 😞

Andrew P says:

I like the speaker position because the sounds bounces back where your hand is at. you can't save apps in SD card though. overall it's a nice phone especially for free from metro pcs

Chellyboo Miller says:

Can you help me….my volume keeps jumping to vibrate when I try to cut it up AND if I put my ringer on vibrate when I try to take it off vibrate it keeps jumping bk to vibrate

lo nely says:

this phone is free with MetroPCS so I am totally going to get this phone and with put my thoughts down here once I get it.

cesar castro says:

its a great phone for the price

Amanda Dodd says:

why does the phone get to hot

Heather Elaine says:

just got the phone. So disappointed! No LED for notifications sucks. Camera is bad quality.

Diana A says:

Thank you very much, i wanna buy this phone and i've seen some good reviews and yours was definitely the most helpful, i think i've seen enough and i'm going to buy it !
Although i wanted a good camera, but my main purpose of getting a new phone is the apps, and i don't really care about the speaker, Battery and display are my got-to features, so it sound perfect for me.
Thanks again 🙂

Terrance Williams says:

Does this phone have removable battery?

Rajalakshmi p says:

i have LGk10 😀

slight says:

how do you video call?..it keeps saying video call unavailable the person. im trying to call has a k7

slight says:

how do you video call?..it keeps saying video call unavailable the person. im trying to call has a k7

Gaming Idk says:

on team mobile is free

Axel Tochimani says:

Can it play Marvel Contest of champions

Drew Christodoulou says:

Yo, this phone seems ok man, but dude THAT was not a "full review"… you just said some stuff you had in mind, without actully showing us pic quality, benchmarks, gaming tests, audio tests etc…

waseem bux says:

love this guys reviews, he sounds so gangster lol ..

Aurora Silva says:

i got the same phone for 600$

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