T-Mobile SyncUp Drive – GPS / WiFi / Mileage Tracker Review and Installation

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The rider Driver says:

I ha0ve it if you switch to business account like I did I got it free

CaliUber says:

Great video.. however iv noticed The SyncUP DRIVE lags like for example I could've taken my car to work and it will still say i'm at Home…. I definitely recommend it on my channel because that should filter out through updates

Brandon Reed says:

9:43 Uberman Home Address?

Brandon Reed says:

Be careful. These types of devices make it much easier to hack into your car's systems. They don't have anywhere close to the security of your phone or computer. See the article for more information http://www.tomsguide.com/us/obd2-dongle-dangers,news-21590.html

Rideshare Continuum says:

+UberMan If you have T-Mobile One, then that device is unlimited just like all your other lines and devices on your account. I was told that by both customer service and store sales reps when I was looking into getting one of these week or two ago.

Kevin Campbell says:

Randy, you know you just gave everyone your personal email and home address, right? (where it's parked, your tmobile account info)

Flavio Gomes says:

this is awesome! im getting one

Francisco Velazquez says:

what's stopping the renters from unplugging the device?

Qassim Ahmed says:

Very informative video. Quick question. What kind of dash cam do you have?

william ensign says:

O have Ben using the syncup for 4 months and have had no problem. I use it for my dr650

Gray says:

u can get this phone for only 50 bucks for 8gb rom 1gb ddr3 version or 60 for 2gb ddr3 ram and 16gb rom. pretty good deal and u can make a few bucks on the ref if you review it. also it has dual sims. good back up phone for ur s8s or kids phone https://www.amazon.com/BLU-R1-HD-Exclusive-Lockscreen/dp/B01F9N5QXI

Sugar Shine says:

oh that's totally ghetto Fab right there a piece of tape. that's what you call a Class Act of a company oh my God. that's great yeah T-Mobile definitely Dutch Telecom definitely has a impressed me this evening. thanks these videos are awesome

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