Tested: LG G6 Smartphone Review

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We test and review the LG G6, the first of 2017’s major flagship Android smartphones. Norm focuses on two features that differentiate it from other phones–G6’s wide-angle camera lenses, as well as its 2:1 aspect ratio display. Here’s why we think taller screens and minimal bezels will be a trend that’s here to stay.

Shot by Gunther Kirsh and edited by Norman Chan

LG G6 review unit provided by LG.

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  • smoguli

    I don't like this minimum bezel trend. We need a little bit of room to hold the phone without touching the screen. And a little room for the case.

    And why all the hate for those black bars when watching 16×9 content? I want black bars, don't give me any of those cropping or stretching modes. I want to see the full picture, unmolested, and if the picture is narrower or wider than my screen, add black bars to fill the rest.

    I understand his problem with the youtube app, we don't want black bars all around, the app needs to zoom the picture so that either it's as wide as the screen or as tall as the screen. But please don't crop the top and bottom of 16×9 content! I want the full picture!

    BTW I have the G5, and the GPS just died… the G4 had a reboot-loop problem and now it seems like a lot of G5 have problems with the GPS antenna connectors coming loose. Anyone want to predict what will be the main problem with the new G6?

  • George14568 Gamer

    if i put a sd card in it what the the sd card really save on it

  • Eisenhamster12

    Im still happy with my LG XPower – A big battery is all I need.

  • Prietoh

    That lizard spat fire, right? I did just see that?

  • Cole Hintermeister

    Really hoping HTC or Google can get it with the HTC 11/Ocean and Pixel 2. Hoping we get a sort of blend of the S8 and the G6… Thin, but present bezels (Not a fan of the Edge), dual (each being great) cameras, IP68, AMOLED, and hoping for stereo speakers.

    And a decent finger print sensor placement. Come on Samsung.

  • rob nich

    so why would anyone buy this over something like a Mi5s Pro ??

  • Malifestro

    Please a comparison video of this and the new S8. Touch on the camera, battery life, specs, and screen for watching content.

  • Mayank Jajodia

    Come on SONY, you can do it too … The Sony phone's Head and Chin looks pretty odd

  • Freffo

    21:9 phone pliz.

  • Luis Uribe

    its ip68 water resistant get your facts straight

  • CaptainAshra

    I have a dream that one day Android phones won't be judged by the processor they have, but by the performance they can get from those chips. I have ZERO issues doing anything, playing any games, and using multiwindow+some qslide widgets, yet they still say having "last year's processor" like it's a negative.

  • Bogdan Serbanescu

    Seems externally with S8 from Samsung.

  • FreakinPeanuts

    are you all just flat out ignoring the S8 and S8 plus?

  • Quinch

    Rumour was that fast charge and wireless charging wouldn't be on the same versions though (i.e. Europe would get fast charge but not wireless, USA would get wireless but not fast charge)?

  • Ben Ray

    this is one of the best tech reviews I've seen in a while. thorough af

  • EveryThingOld

    Poppin bottles in the ice

  • HalfWitTV

    Build Ricks Portal Gun From Rick and Morty

  • Dennis Kessler

    Why don't we make the default video aspect ratio of 2 to 1 as a standard? A nice place to start.


    It wouldnt be ip68 water resistant if it had a removable battery

  • Teddy Kozub

    Another ugly phone, where's the good "old" G4 and G3…

  • Budo Bašović

    "First smartphones, back in 2007"… Come on, Norm. You're better than that.

  • Jeremy Wong

    To be honest, the black bar on the side is not as bad as the black bar on top and bottom. I'm talking to you, iPad.

  • Why Are You Not Dead

    The sound on my g6 had stopped working. How can I fix this???

  • James Howlett

    get the black lg, black bars solved. thank you.

  • RandomInsano2

    Camera panning on a subject who is talking to you feels bad for the watcher. With body language, when people are turning away from you, they're disinterested and want to walk off.

    If I'm watching someone's presentation, if I can see their eyes I'd like them to make contact with mine.

    Very distracting and fairly unpleasant. Panning over any other subject feels fine.

  • Nicholas Cabrera

    LGG4 for life…. until it breaks.

  • Ronald E Williams

    Boring review

  • Gerard W.

    4:35 Trace DNews?