The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone

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So it sounds like Adcom (company featured in this video) may sue the company manufacturing the 4 dollar version. If you visit the website for the Freedom 251 you’ll see an exact replica listed at a far lower price. I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to deliver at that price, others are skeptical as well. Starting to sound like a bunch of these went out the side door at the Adcom factory.

More info on the $4 Android phone…

That $4 smartphone is sketchy as hell

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Ramesha Geethan says:

some one say how i buy this for 4$

Ramesha Geethan says:

this is too expensive it is 5200 sl rupee

Cenia Candra says:

i want that. and buy like 3-4. so when i got pissed i can just destroy it (?)

john le says:

where did u buy the $4 phone from

Pranav Jha says:

"Carty Nugaar"

Charlie Moon says:

with android?

quadcopter 2002 says:

4 dollar, can I have one

Tommy Thunder says:

Some people in giveaways are like " I'm poor I can't afford this can I please win"

Kabloosh says:

Even babies can afford these smartphones. 🙂

George mns says:

It prob comes preloaded with shit they trying to sell you.

Vitz Kopelsko says:

Anyone watching this in 2017 ?

Penultima Productions says:

i swear this thing must be radioactive

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