The BEST iPhone 7 Gimbal! DJI Osmo Mobile Review

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Full New DJI Osmo Mobile Review. My Favorite iPhone 7 Accessory! Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Ever! + Test Footage.

I bought mine here:

  • Yuchung Chen

    You're in Oregon! Where was that tower you climbed? I'm going on a Oregon to SF road trip soon and would like to visit it!

  • Chets ˆ

    Is there any economic one you know under 100$?

  • bendi1234

    you can dissable image stabilisation with the deathlens app and u can choose 16:9 60fps as well

  • etcrobb

    Will be buying one soon! Thanks for the awesome review and I will be buying mine at because I work there and the extra savings will be worth it! Hope to pick up an iPhone 7s+ this week as well!

  • Julius Leal

    Is this weatherproof? IP68? Can you also mount GoPro or DLSR?

  • Queesha Louboutin

    All ur friends are foone as fuck. Lol

  • SpadesIllusions

    for anyone who has an issue with the OISs clashing, download an app from the AppStore, preferably Filmic Pro, which allows you to switch off the OIS on your iPhone 7 Plus

  • Tyler B

    I know all the other capabilities will not work but I wonder if the Gimbel is able to hold something like a cannon power powershot?

  • SuperDigitalMe

    Hi there, is the ois from the iphone 7 not interfering with the gimbal?

  • Muhd Syafiq

    It is waterproof??

  • Vicente Echeverry

    Its (dee-jay-ahee)

  • Dave Blvnko

    whats the diffrence between a flowmotion one

  • AtomicRobot

    1:16… what difference does it make that you were filming in 4k? Your phone resolution has no bearing on the battery life of the gimbal, lol

  • yowsupceejay

    How stable would it be during a concert?

  • JB Brown

    is there any way to charge an additional batter while its out of the gimbal? I dont want to lose shooting time

  • Voss Vlogs

    Any comments on the application or issues with the camera stabilization?

  • karla2011384

    would this work for iphone 6 plus?

  • Voss Vlogs

    Are you still using this? I am considering the purchase of one.