The Billionaire’s Phone: Vertu Constellation (2017) Review

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What does it take to make a phone cost $6000? Read our full review of the new Vertu Constellation to find out!

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Antonio Ponton says:

Well the services and the materials on this phone are really what the phone is all about. But I don't think to many of the target crowd will spend the money on this phone. Contrary to what people may think about the rich, they are frugal spenders.

Maxim Therrien says:

1000 degree knife challenge this thing

GameMaster A9 says:

this is so forced it's not even funny

Hadgerz says:

K then. Just preordered my peasant-spec Galaxy S8+ but…k then. This is a thing.
I'm sure it'd be worth the price just to see the looks on triggered vegans and ancoms faces when they find out it's made of calf leather and is priced over $6k to appeal to business execs.

abdul maajid says:

I have the same CPU

Matt Cop says:

Exclusivity… more like stupidity! 🀣

Aventanario says:

Vertu Rubbish. This indeed is not going got takeoff

GongXX Mr. says:

Compare other luxury good,it not that expensive,
My 6000 dollars watch not have so much leather,Jewish, ruby,
And too much small

Ahmed Shams says:

Send it to jerryrigeverything

Charlie Liu says:

Interestingly enough, I'm not a millionaire and I have this phone..

Nige Turner says:

You were a little under dressed lol!

Bill Y. says:

I have just one question. "Will it blend?" πŸ€”

OneLittleThe says:

xD The Mate 9 porsche design is already dumb…this is more dumb…xD

DT B says:

1 week later, China have this phone for 60$ fake.

DT B says:

Starting price of 6000$, What about the most expensive variant?

WYZITE says:

Where is JerryRigEverything if we need him.. – that screen would be king in his scratch-test πŸ˜€

Sumedh Burbure says:

Such a Beautiful Phone!!

Autumn Mabis says:

Hilarious! That phone IS beautiful though.

MrMobile [Michael Fisher] says:

My favorite thing about this video is that Derek, unlike me, actually knows how to pronounce "Sheikh."

nickverm says:

"We dont reviews such phone's everyday" – Well you damn shouldn't 😁😁

Mr McDougalle says:

ill stick with my peasant phone.

Naoki Maeda says:

that phone is made for both celebrities and businessmen alike

Reazon Giovanni says:

Lol I'll stick with the pixel

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