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great fun got it from £29.99

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BarryDennen12 says:

I'd buy a fancy bluetooth phone but I have no friends and nobody ever calls me

Rahib Miah says:

Cant Find On Carphone Warehouse 😒

Mike Evans says:

I got this thing for a "goof". It was half off, a little over 10 bucks so thought why not? The one I got is the "XL" version, or "Power Version" or whatever it's called. It has the big battery and base charger. I love the 80's, so when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Reminded me of some guy in a pink shirt sniffing cocaine off of his desk after making a mill on the stock market. The phone itself isn't half bad considering the price. Loud and clear calls, possibility to expand the memory (to add ringtones, pictures and music). The speaker on it sucks though, so using it as a bluetooth speaker to play music is just not gonna happen.

Bought one for my mom too, she loved it haha. A great buy if you like the look of it. Amazing standby / talk time so great as a "backup" to have in the car / camper / boat / bunker. Mine will spend most of its life tucked away in my cars glove box for emergencies or the need to look 80's shiek.

OolTube02 says:

They should at least put a big ass battery in there that makes the thing last for a month without recharging, not a regular cell phone battery.

KiloByte says:

Did you get this from Poundland?

YUVRAJ says:

hey ,,,,, for india its got big battrey

Matt Boudreau says:

You could hide drugs in this phone

MrThegamemasterlord says:

can i list to music from bluetooth to this from smartphone

free hindi movies says:

competitive to nokia 3310 xD

Levi Cassidy says:

awww back wen cell phones were cell phones and not these so called smart phones of today back wen you can only make phone calls on cell phones and stored numbers on them and thats it back wen people actuly enjoyed life instead of walking around like zombies looking down at a 7 inch screen all day only looking up to make sure they were not gonna walk into a poll or walk off the curb and payed attention wen they were driving instead of texting the whole time sigh the good old days………

insanitybiker says:

i have one of these, and the one redeeming quality of it is that it is based off a landline telephone, thus it still has the landline ringer and speaker and it has the loudest ringer i have ever experienced from a mobile phone, ever. i work in a high noise environment (a garage) and the ringer of this was audible on the other side of the workshop… many times i would not hear my htc one m7, when it was still in my pocket, ringing at full volume…

Doug Haines says:

keep up the good work

Harimau Belang says:

Why the heck the Logo looks like Reality King Porn Site's??

Camera man says:

Cheap on Amazon

lord scarecrow says:

that phone is shit

Brian Carr says:

cheap on ebay at the moment

Soledad Anokwu says:

What is the camera resolution… LOL

TheGoldinChannel says:

Seriously considering this for a Blue-Tooth Toy.

Hussein Maddan says:

Very Good review here, thanks. I seem to agree with one customer review on amazon who's suggesting an antenna replacement b'se the current brick antenna is too short, and also not flexible. Which antenna replacement specification would you recommend that would fit the screw head of the brick. I have seen some long ones on amazon but not sure if they can fit

Noah DeJesus says:

I wonder what the ppi is…

Lucas Fernandez says:

Omg iPhone 6 wen it was t even released yet !!! Check date of vid and he has iPhone 6 in January of 2014 :O

dieuhung banh says:

why the battery are so small

Skeptic Clam says:

lose the sleeves you freak

M A says:

It's a troll phone made by Binatone in case no one understands… The phone works and is branded etc, but it's a troll phone. Battery lasts 3 months though so…

Eric Branton says:

ya you can have your iphone in your pocket and carry this one around 🙂

Eric Branton says:

you can be cool and have like 2 phones on you its a lot better then those phone blue tooth reciver the brick is better

Eric Branton says:

i like this phone cause you can use this phone and your droid or iphone you can have to phones for the price of one have that one just to show off that cool i bought one

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