The image quality is STUNNING – ExoLens Pro iPhone 7 Review

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Are you looking to add a bit more oomph to your iPhone 7, 6’s and 6s Plus photos? Then you definitely need to check out the ExoLens. This is by far the BEST iPhone camera lens I have used to date. There is absolutely no distortion in this lens. Let that sink in, NONE. I thought the Moment lens was awesome, this ExoLens beats it.

Now the quality of the lens is very important but alsmot equally as important is where you can take the Lens. Despite being an incredible 3rd party lens, I’m not impressed with the case setup. The entire setup is quite clumsy and I don’t think I would take it on vacation. Also, has anybody seen the lens cover? I think I lost it.

As of right now, I’ve given the ExoLens Case with Lens a score of 3.4 Eh’s out of 5. The Lens by itself get’s a score of 5. I’m still very blown away by how clear my photos are. If you are looking for comparable lens, check out the Moment Lens and the Ztylus Prime which I’ve reviewed as well.

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So in the next few minutes, I’m going to talk about the case, then the Lens, talk about when I would personally use the case and I’ll wrap it all up with a photo comparison with the Moment Lens.

For design, the case is fairly normal. It is quite light which is good since the Lens is quite heavy, fits the iPhone well and has rubbery edges. The back is clear and very slick which is a problem when you have the lens attached to the case. There isn’t enough texture on the case to overcome the awkwardness of the giant lens on your iPhone.

The buttons on the case are a little stiffer to use which means using the volume buttons as your shutter button is going to be noticeable. The clear back will showcase the color of your iPhone but unlike the average clear case, has a noticeable rainbowing effect.

The ExoLens attaches securely via a threaded hole on top of the camera and there is a cutout for the flash though it’s going to be useless with the ExoLens installed.

The case isn’t drop-rated but there is an attachment point for a wrist strap which is a must in my opinion.

Onto the actual lens which as I said earlier, is awesome. The ExoLens, which you can get directly from Apple, fits the iPhone 7, iPhone 6’s and the iPhone 6 Plus’s. Unlike Moment which require you to physically attach a mounting plate on your iPhone, ExoLens provides all the mounting clips you’ll need.

The downside of the mounting clips is that you’ll have to remove your iPhone from the case in order to use the lens. The mounting clip also has a cold shoe mount so you can add even more accessories to make your iPhone even more awkward to handle.

The actual lens is made by Zeiss, specifically a Zeiss Mutar, blarg, blare, Wide Angle Lens. I’m not sure what any of those specs mean but can vouch for ExoLen’s claims of No Distortion, Chromatic Aberration (though Distortion and Aberration seem like the same thing to me) and the exceptional edge contrast.

The wide angle lens greatly enhances the FOV of your iPhone as you can see in this overlay photo that I’ve taken of the same area.

There aren’t many times when it comes to iPhone accessories that I’m blown away by them but using the ExoLens for the first time made my jaw drop. For me, it’s hard to imagine having such a large FOV without any noticeable distortion along the edges. The lack of distortion and chromatic aberrations will be very apparent in the next few minutes.

For image quality, the ExoLens Pro is the best lens I’ve ever used with my iPhone. The distortion along the edges of the case is non-existant. It’s hard to describe here so definately check out the end of the video for the detailed comparisons.

If there’s another camera accessory you’d like me to take a look at, leave it in the comment section below!
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Sara Hartman says:

Holy shit I'm very impressed

Liberty says:

Monty is such a well-behaved dog. Great video as always. Thanks.

ConservativeAtheist says:

Ok so I had to go back & listen carefully to make sure he said (Not the iPhone7+) which is what he said.

Jonathan Tran says:

what did you think about liquid glass screen protectors?

Chase says:

Amazon link doesn't bring you to the case/clip you're using. Brings you to Ollo clip

Luis Freitas says:

The Moment wide angle lens which you're using was designed to iphone 5 and 6. To make a precise comparison with the exolens wide angle on iphone 7 you need to wait some weeks as the new Moment wide angle lens for iphone 7 is shipping at the end of May to early kickstarter backers and later to everyone. Then, you should make the comparison.

Alezerex says:

Monty always looks like "Can I just sleep please?" lel

Andrew Melder says:

Great review. I've used both the Exolens and the current Moment on my iPhone 7 Plus and agree the quality of the Exolens is the best so far.

One thing I'll note is that there are newer versions of the Edge mount available that come with a 7+ compatible insert (video of it on my channel).

I'm currently waiting for the new Moment wide lens to arrive as I did back it on Kickstarter, they have started taking general sale pre-orders on their website if anyone is interested.

Pandy Payne says:

Does the case interfere with an e2e protector?

Astronix says:

Hi! I love the videos! I'm part of the Notification Squad!

Xrilex says:

There's a stereotype for photographers? Lol

Leica Dad says:

The amazon links to the olloclip product, just thought you might want to know.

Clarel Pillay says:

Good review thanks!

Trenton Fake says:

Can I use it with both lenses on the 7 plus?

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