The Late ‘Blu Vivo Air LTE’ Phone Review

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– It’s been out for a while now, and I’ve finally found it for a great price. The Blu Vivo Air LTE can now be purchased on Amazon for less than $140 USD! If you’re a GSM network user, give this phone a chance. If you’re not up to make the carrier switch, at least check out this phone’s super-slim design! Link below:

Blu Vivo Air LTE:

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‘Blue Flame’ by Mich


Jacob Powers says:

can you stop saying people don't get that close to there phone please because we do. particularly at night watching YouTube in bed before we go to sleep and such. #pixelsmatter

Leonardo perez says:

did you have any issues with it after a long time use??

Wildlink123 says:

I'll commend the phone, I had it for about a year. Loved it, was the best/cheapest phone I've ever had until I got my ZTE Zmax Pro. Cheaper, better, but not thinner nor smaller.

Vitality Gamer says:

can anyone answer me in the next day because i am honestly going to get this phone but before i do does it bend someone who knows let me know thanks really appreciate it!?

TrainersTo Leaders says:

Been a sub since before your 25k 🙂 You're awesome Greg and deserve all you get! Keep working hard! Probably my favorite "rising" tech channels 🙂 I love this stuff, you present it nicely, thanks for all the content. Keep itching that(our) technology scratches!

Mark Nuncio says:

hey bro thanks for the video. It really helped and I have a s4 so it helps a heck of a lot more.

lazerusmfh says:

OmgWtfItsSoThin! Thin phones were cool like 10 years ago for me.. now its more about battery life than anything, since NO PHONE lasts a full day of use. :

Zatharos says:

Words can't express how much I LOVE this channel. Keep making awesome videos!

Blackops362 says:

You should try out apple they have tons of good stuff planned for phone 7 and iPhone 8

Trrnit™ says:

damn, that's thin.

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