The Light Phone Review: Phone Away From Your Phone

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This phone has been seriously awesome. Being able to step away from the hectic and constant notifications on my smart phone makes this such a fantastic alternative for a portion of the day, or an extended period of time if you really want to disconnect!

To Pre-Order (Or Purchase) the Light Phone:

Camera – Sony A6500

Lenses – Sony 35mm f/1.8

Microphone – Bluebird

DAW – Logic Pro

Video Editing – Final Cut Pro X


Jonathan Morrison says:

Great stuff dude!

Ohlord Vader says:

Hey, for how long did you wait for that?

Farris Creative says:

This is awesome! I want one!

The Light Phone says:

Thanks for this, Taylor! Really well done.

Derek Bell says:

Great video – very informative. I look forward to grabbing a Light Phone. Thanks!

BoilerUp3030 says:

That's a very interesting phone concept. Only slightly more sophisticated in function as your 90s brick phones, but in a modernly tight package. Also interesting in the statement the makers of it are trying to make, and marketing towards those wishing to stay connected, but in a "disconnected" way

Carrie Gordon says:

I feel like an app for your existing phone would/could work just as well.

Leslie Bridges says:

Bravo Taylor! I love the acronym KIS for "keep it simple".

WaterArtz says:

Nice video and i will actually buy this thing 🙂

Matt WhoisMatt Johnson says:

Does it play Snake? Cause it really needs snake.

Tsenre_ says:

Love the vids

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