The Phone From The FUTURE! No Bezel Xiaomi Mi Mix Review

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This Phone Makes My iPhone 7 Feel ANCIENT. Bezel Free 6.4″ Display on Xiaomi Mi Mix. The iPhone 8 Might Look Like This!

iPhone 8 First Details:


Danyal A. says:

I hope they re!ease a smaller 5.5in phone.

Carlo Culala says:

It's apple coycat!

Zeyad Alyas says:

2017, anyone?

Brent Rosen says:

Where can you buy this??

Avranck Neupane says:

techgasm lol

Elaine Chan says:

The CEO of Xiaomi came to speak at my high school's graduation ceremony last year

Nasif Rahman says:

for ur next q+a of ur further development to i hope the best

and the question is : do u wear pants while making content coz we only see half of u

Jesse Steele says:

it's actually very very scratch resistant bc of the ceramic that said it also makes it v brittle

Sorta Rican says:

you would most likely get higher benchmark scores running stock Android vs their Xiaomi skin thing but higher benchmark scores don't necessarily mean better overall performance.

Денис says:

почему я только узнал что ті владеешь русским?

wardope says:

if that phone had cyanogenmod support and custom kernels i would buy this in a heartbeat. unfortunately it doesn't

eta wil says:

sharp ? anyone sharp ?

annonymous one says:

he just roasted apple 4:53

Codeys Gamplays! says:

i know what feel like glass slab. glass slab

Jacob Ross says:

who else got triggered by the fingerprints on the phone?

Ketan Sharma says:

If Apple made it it would have been 2000$

Ketan Sharma says:


Blunted Visionz says:

8:48 is a bit sketchy i find it hard to trust that result, you just jumped to it without us seeing the build up

SuperResistant says:

I just got mine !

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