The Samsung Galaxy S7 is how a phone should be

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Read the CNET review here –
Killer camera, brawny battery and waterproofing we put to the ultimate test. Samsung’s headliner phone has it all.



Didn't they just make a vid why not to get it? 1k likes and 1k dislikes…

daniel carrillo says:

There's a setting for that so it won't turn on on a purse or a pocket

Romie Lee says:

c'mon! this is not paid because if this is paid then, she won't say anything about negativity of it.

RoboRope says:

There is an option you can enable to stop the phone from coming on while in a pocket or dark purse….I'm just sayin

Phillip Pugh says:

wow a honest review from CNET news for a phone that's not a iPhone. I've got the gs7 and it is a beast of a phone and the battery alone is worthy upgrade

Moe Szyslak says:

Trip to London paid by Samsung. It is a good phone but 2016 has not ended yet. So claiming it the best phone 2016 is not serious.

Mark Tristan R. Ocampo says:

S7? I don't think so.

The phone to beat is the S7 Edge! 😉

Augie Scott says:

like this or i'll vote for trump

Mohammed. HD says:

should i upgrade from s6

PKTV says:

Nexus do phones are what a phone should be, Samsung HTC and Sony don't run stock android which is a fail

Jahspecs1 says:

THE phone to beat!! Wow!

Skoda130 says:

//"The Samsung Galaxy S7 is how a phone should be"//

Yeah yeah, until the "8"arrives.

Big Poppa says:

I'll just stick to my note 5 till the note 6 comes out.

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