TREACHEROUS TANYA. MKX Mobile 1.13 Update. Review + Gameplay. BETTER THAN GOOD OLD TANYA???

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Mortal Kombat X Mobile Update 1.13 Treacherous Tanya Maxed out Faction Wars Gameplay. Treacherous Tanya special attacks, X-Ray and detailed review. Best ways to use Treacherous Tanya in MKX Mobile 1.13.

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Huricane Urbane - Minecraft MKX And More! says:

New Challenge Characters to get in Update 1.13
1. Treacherous Tanya (Challenge) {Normal & Hard}
Challenge Requirements: 4th Tower Team Must be made out of Martial Artists Characters. 5th Tower Jaqcui Briggs in your Team…
2. Scourge Baraka (Challenge) {Normal & Hard}
Challenge Requirements: 4th Tower Must have an Outworld Character. 5th Tower Liu Kang Must be in your Team…
3. Assasin Jade (Challenge) {Normal & Hard}
Challenge Requirements: 4th Tower Must be made of Spec ops Team. 5th Tower Kitana must be on your Team…

Marshipto says:

Men nice video but you shouldn´t make videos while tired, take your time, we won´t go anywhere, but you look tired and maybe is because that you make a little bit more mistakes, hi from Mexico btw.

Bender Veloso C.R.F says:

Imagine assassin jade, relentless jason voorhes and spec ops scorpion on the same match!!


Insane Drummer Gaming says:

star can you give me baraka please


Hey can you please make a video on how to make the graphics better on injustice2 iOS

Gary Gayle says:

OK I 5 bids in one day star you are god like and love your fans!

HerpaderpFTW says:

i personally dont like the lighting on the new character icons. i mean seriously. why is tanya's hair blue?

BIG DOG3MTA3 says:

link for store is great

Amejon Dotstry says:

how did u get baraka

Xander_Almighty23 says:

New update is cool as shit

Andrew Wickerham says:

have a good night or a good morning a good day

Chris Valdez says:

Thank you starinsky for the review of all 4 new characters & the gameplay with them

pernell says:

treacherous tanya is hot can you subscribe to my channel

Ramon Surillo says:

Star didnt you notice all the gold characters are outworlders😱😱

juiceboat says:

jade is uber cool!

GOD LIKE says:

love those characters pretty cool

Samuel Lee says:

I think jade would have been the best character if they didn't add Klassic Liu Kang in the update

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