Triggertrap Mobile – Review & Walkthrough – Big brains for your DSLR

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A walkthrough of the Triggertrap app and discussion of all the modes and what they can do for you.

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Wendy Dillon says:

I use a Android phone for my Triggertrap and I'm really disappointed with software. The only noise mode is the clap whistle. On the ISO phone it includes motion mode. I wrote to Triggertrap and asks if they would include the motion mode in software updates they wrote back and said they have no plans to update the Android version. The only reason I purchased Triggertrap was for the motion mode.

Mohammed Hasan says:

since we have to put our phones connected to the camera by this cable .. disappointing 🙁 …. other devices like PULSE remote from Alpine Labs ,… its wireless and upload the work instructions to camera ,, then we can play game , check email until camera finish the requested task … we hope that you can improve your product in better way … as seems lovely ..only the ( keep connected to smart device is the problem ) unfortunately .. regards & god luck in better improvements .

vidhata lingayat says:

can you suggest me cable to connect my canon 700d camera with triggertrap app

Henry Bulger says:

I use android  Samsung galaxy core prime phone. So will it or won't it work? One other question are they going to introduce a light trigger?

Keaten Tuttle says:

Great video! I'm sure you already figured this out but when you talked about bramping, you requested a wider range, to do this increase your interval time, your interval time was at 10sec, so it'd be impossible to have an exposure longer than 10 sec. Hope that helped!

seanonel says:

Why is your skin so tightly wrapped around your skull?

Michael Maddox says:

Man! This much power for only some $30?! Astounding! So glad I purchased this! Had originally gotten this to replace a cable remote that stopped releasing the shutter, but… Jeez! lol

Gianluca Angelucci says:

i have the fuji version, but my camera doesn't take photo 🙁 only green light blinking

Jens Vielmann says:

How is the handling "in the wild"? I mean for example: Do you needs the little phone mount (Phonetrap i believe they call it) even if you dont use the sensor modes?? I mean if you are doing a simple Long Exposure for example… do you hold your phone in the hand ?? Doesnt that (esp. with exposures times of minutes or more) run the risk of introducing camera shake through the connected cable???
Does the cable break easily??

Thanks for the vid.

Denis Belya says:

so what happens when i get a call during a timelapse?

MyNameIs Sakr says:

Thank you for this amazing video, you deserve Subscribe :D.

Rene Morales says:

so…2 ppl don't know what they're doing…thanks Toby this is VERY helpful

Septimus says:

What about having to let your phone hang there for XX hours when making a timelapse ? Only thing holding me back of buying this product.

Edward Page says:

Will this work with the Nikon d5500

Alejandra Salinas says:

hello! thanks for the video, could you tell me if this app works on a canon T5i? and what's the cable I need to buy?


do you know if the 2.5mm jack is compatible with the canon eos 70d

Jean-Philippe Quittot says:

So basically this does what Canon and Nikon totally fail to bring in their machines!

Terry Reiners says:

Great video! Thanks!

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