Ubuntu Phone: Is It Worth It? (Aquaris E4.5)

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I am back from London. I attended the Ubuntu Phone Insider event and have an Ubuntu Phone I took back with me. Here is what think about the device and the OS. Help support my channel and make it possible for me to obtain devices to review.
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Rekreated1 says:

Will wait for the ubuntu rom.

sumit mazumder says:

Sala kuta A ki phone dakaches

sumit mazumder says:

Bhant bokes

Ankit Kumar says:

worst phone it's not smartphone

pritam bc says:

come on you can't do unboxing good

Satyajit Ghana says:

but does it have a terminal ?

Milos Djeric says:

Hope canonical dont spy like google and collect data but it is great to hawe diferent os instead of android and windows.

Kevin Batts says:

The gestures kind of remind me of BB10 OS. I'd love to see this in a high spec device. looks promising

Raj Hatoda says:

I love you so much

Arief Sinatra says:

bezel is big…

An Cermet says:

I could park 4 cars on that large chin

An Cermet says:

That is a bad… bad phone

Be Like Bro says:

iphone for giveaway? please give me one 😇

Rahul Chowdhury says:

thanks mam really cool phone

Ecstatic Maniac says:

what do you do for a living?

Junerel Sareño says:

is that calculator?? hahaha XD

hacky techie says:

I hate this phone no "Android" and not even the at least 720p IPS display

pandawa says:

tolong promosikan channel saya kak.

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