UMi Super Review! $220 Pokemon Go phone with massive battery!

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Hey guys, Zi Jin here and this is the UMi Super Review in English! Even Pokemon Go can’t kill the UMi’s battery! In this video I review the UMi Super and tell you the good and the bad (mostly good) about the UMi Super!

Check out my text review of the UMi Super!

The UMi Super retails for $220 usually, but it’s on sale for $20 off, click on the link below!

UMi Super Review Timestamps:
Intro: 0:05
Build Quality: 0:35
Display: 2:16
Speakers: 3:25
Battery: 4:34
Software & Performance: 5:47
Connectivity: 7:34
Camera: 8:13
Verdict: 9:18

UMi Super Specifications:
5.5″ Gorilla Glass 3 Sharp LTPS Display, 1920×1080
MTK6755 Helio P10 Octacore Processor
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Panasonic 13MP Camera, 5MP front camera
Fingerprint Sensor
2G: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz
4,000mAh Battery
200g, 15.08 x 7.50 x 0.85 cm

If your current phone is constantly dying from Pokemon Go and you want a new one, this has 2x the battery of the iPhone 6! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do a UMi Super hands on, unboxing and first impressions video as I was completely swamped, but here is my review video in english! I talk about the UMi Super Battery, I show some UMi Super gaming videos, and I show some UMi Super performance, and show you how that 4GB of RAM works out (very well in fact).

If you have any questions about the UMi Super or the UMi Super Review, or want to know some info, let me know in the comments below!

Music: RIghteous by Silent Partner & Vacation Ukelele by ALBIS


Iron Patriot says:

Can you comment on how the connectivity was to your network? I'm assuming your in the US and using a GSM network.

Adrian Tunaru says:

LED indicator whether active mode does not consume much stendby batterie?

Very American says:

I like your review, but I feel like you really hold back in mentioning certain things– or maybe I'm just too mean! But, can you tell me if you've had any issues at all with your phone just rebooting unless its in an app? My unit is just a couple of days old, but it's blowing my mind that it would do something like this.

Squall Chin says:

battery life compare to umi plus e?

Nam Hoang says:

I think this review just deterred me from trying the Umi Z….


Does this work in America

falconss1959 says:

will this umi super work in north america on 3g doe it work at all in north america seems to be a grey area thanks

Yaniv Kisler says:

I bought my UMI Touch on the pre-sale as UMI announced this would be an affordable phone with quality hardware.
Actually I was mainly disappointed from the camera – for a 13MP Sony camera, the picture quality was and still is very poor.
The screen sensitivity is not that great too but fair and it does not have a gyro, but the phone has a very good battery and the price was low.

Less then a month after I got the phone the GPS died- basically it's accuracy droped to 38 meters radius which makes navigation just impossible.
UMI insisted this is a hardware issue and that I should contact the shop – which was UMI Aliexpress official store.
The shop sent me a new UMI Touch phone.
The GPS was never accurate and at best I got an 8 meter accuracy and without the gyro I found my self more than once switching roads without actually being there.

I was very disappointed when I realized that we wont get another update for the phone after June 2016 and that the root option will not be fulfilled.

UMI abandoned Touch users and wont even respond for issues raised – remember this phone is on the market for a but more than 6 months.

This last Monday the Touch GPS finally died – no reception at all.

Since UMI abandoned this phone users I think I'll abandone UMI for good and I will publish this post on all UMI reviews I can find.

Good luck!

Christian Lombendencio says:

please make a geekbench test

Christian Lombendencio says:

iphone 6 or umi super?which one should i buy?

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