UMIDIGI G Smartphone REVIEW – The $80 Android iPhone 7?!

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The full review of the UMIDIGI G Smartphone.
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In this review i will show you everything there is to know about the new and affordable UMIDIGI G Smartphone. This phone has a 5″ screen with a 720P resolution, the MTK6737 CPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.
In this review i will show you the benchmark results, gaming performance, sample pictures, battery life and much more.

Video Gear i use:

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88Shredder88 says:

Finally a proper review. Good on ya mate.

richie rich says:

Wait this YouTube Alex thing is blowing up. Love it. Best reviewer, I can't keep up, but it's been the best since day one. 💥💥congrats Alex a lot of hard work and dedication.

Gihan Kashnuka says:


Asteroide Gaming says:

Mr.Redskull. Thank you very much. I was waiting for a review since the phone was announced. I have some questions. Are you nice to help me?

Britec09 says:

$80 these phones are getting cheaper.

The Moroccan OTaku says:

I know you are have got a lot of prodect to review I wish the best for you .
And is cubot phones Good or bad

kicksreason says:

Man you were fast this time around!

Vishal Giri says:

really awesome device for the price from UMI and great review as always Alex, now waiting for the UMI Crystal!!

Mondher Bouazizi says:

I had plans to buy this one, but when I learned that it was plastic, I felt so upset. On the photos, it looked as if it's metallic! And now, with the same damn fingerprint sensor issue as the other UMI Phones, I give up on this company. They never learn their lesson.
– Their batteries suck (even their so-called 4000mAH Sony batteries that are not Sony nor work as 4000mAH batteries) and YES it is not Sony.. It's some random Chinese manufacturer that makes them.
– Their fingerprint sensors suck. Some reviewers say it works 5/10 times but NO.. You need to give it 3 or 4 tries for it to work.
– Their tactile screens are not accurate at all. You press the "O" key, it presses the "P" key and that's not the worst problem with it!!
– Their cameras suck.. To be fair, not as much as the previously mentioned points, but don't expect much from their cameras.
– And worst of all.. their support team sucks. Nothing good to expect from them! It's like they're doing you a favor replying to your complains.

PEPSIS says:

Iphone 7 😅

Oregon86 says:

Hi! Great vids by the way, good work! To answer the title, nope, not good enough… 😉

Manjit Sarma says:

I love UMIDIGI for their awesome design!

Sunny Kumar says:

I dont know why but i thought UmiDigi was rolling on High roads but its the 2nd Consecutive phone which is under 200$, i loved how the company used latest tech first in the world.

jiten Mehta says:

in this budget its looks nice phone.

Chemy JMHT says:

looks good for the price.

Hey you should do a Giveaway with all the extra cameras you have, in the picture were like 5 lol

Nice review as always man.

Michael Mahon says:

kinda weird with the charging port at top

Cayenne182 says:

screen without anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating ?

Russ B says:

Good Review Alex…You getting the UmiDigi Crystal in for review mate ??

ilarionas avgoustou says:

hello redsull..i am going to buy a phone for my mother and i am between this one and the upcoming elephone p8 mini..which one do you suggest?

Electronic Consumer says:

guys sub for sub ill be doing tech videos soon

Taizai kousaki says:

I think is better put $10/15 more and get Bluboo dual… way better!!!

quaxk says:

just so you know: gps devices don't "connect" to satellites, they just search for their broadcast signals and lock on them, i.-e. they're just receivers

Wasim Rahman says:

What app do you use to find out a phones internal read/write speeds?

Marco Lopes says:

Finally!!! So much fuss about this… waiting for a REAL review! Superb as always! (GB as cutted out the selling of this phone due to UMIDIGI failing to deliver the ordered units, so… together with the review, it's a NO NO!)

MrUnbelievableAbs says:

Interesting, thanks for sharing it! Hadn't seen this before

mazarmark5 says:

Good to see you back Alex. hope you enjoyed your holiday

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