UMIDIGI Z Pro Review Helio X27 Mobile With Dual Cameras

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UMIDIGI Z Pro review Helio X27 mobile with dual rear cameras. Where to buy: And tax-free EU warehouse:

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  • Chris Snow

    Thanks for the review, get well soon, anyway you will be selling those techtablets shirts?, i'd love to get one.

  • Kurz C. Hose

    Mario Run for Android ???

  • Мандибрики і Цирупопики

    nice review. cute kitty. get well soon mate!

  • Ahmed Aboahmed

    it is really a good device but i belive with quallcom snapdragon things will be better than with mediateck

  • X-Techi

    Thats exactly what I thought about the Z, it needs software updates

  • Radek

    1:20. Wait,is that you Chris? It sounds like someone else took your place.

  • jawad iqbal

    which country you are in?

  • Carlos Eduardo
  • Claudinei Souza

    Hey, I love your reviews!
    What app did you use to test the GPS? I've had a umi super for about 6 months now and the GPS is just horrible. Not to mention the fingerprint scanner, which is highly sensitive and simply doesn't work, and the 4000mah battery that feels like a 2000mah; it barely lasts a day. Umi phones seem well built and good specs at first glance, but when you use them, it's just frustrating. I think you get what you pay for…

  • derek hotson

    shit review

  • derek hotson

    do you mean umi zed

  • Bhavesh Mehta

    1:20 Are you alright? Sounds like you have a cold there.