Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Orchid Gray)

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders have arrived! We’ll show you what else comes in the box along with your shiny new Samsung phone.

Our full S8 review: http://cnet.co/2pOpPEo
Galaxy S8 Plus review: http://cnet.co/2ojHnIw

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Rene G. Solis says:

Very nice extras, I just hate the fingerprint location

Walter Black says:

That is one beautiful ass phone but not enough for me to leave IOS & MacOS

Minimax 67 says:

I don't really see the point in unboxings…

Ed Tanujaya says:

Hey, how much weight of complete package with the phone in it

TG Sam says:

very bad unboxing video, camera not fixed for a second, moving all the time, phone is moved in the hand too fast, totally not consider the viewers feeling. Phone need to be moved in very slowly around to show each face of the phone to the viewer.

seunghun Yang says:

What is AD'P'ATER? 01:05

ALIFT says:

You should have also reviewed the phone.

Jar Jar Elon says:

My name is Jeff

정우재 says:

my only complain is they didnt include a case for the headphones unlike the s7

Karthik Pullela says:

Why does the title say orchid grey at all when you don't show the colour properly!!!? All of us know what is in the box show how the color looks and help us make a decision!! Phew

dogeun Kim says:

those akgs are acutally samsung. somthing called dual drivers? akg didnt use them untill now. they say samsung made it and slaped a akg brand on it

dat boi says:

I dislike because reviewer is rushing out of nowhere like she need to take shit in toilet real quick… there are pull tab on that phone to take it out easily and safely …

Pinkyusaf says:

cnet can't even do a good unboxing video no wander i unsubscribed years ago

Tarundeep Singh says:

I remember when iPhone 7 was launched they already showed opened box because scot was goddamn excited apple fanboy

Shakerur Rahman says:

love you …………… s8

YBlnx says:

I also have the orchid gray, but why does it look black?

jamesgjt says:

put 2 phones together and will get u a gaming rig or laptop that can literally run any games at max solution….. also u will have ram than ur S8 storage…

C Jordan says:

Didn't even knew this was released. When Apple releases a new iPhone the world stops, when Samsung releases the Galaxy…crickets…….

Patience Hardaway says:

I just got these phone I got a silver one i love it 😀

Kalil Stoudmire says:

all type c Android phone should come with that micro to type c adapter til type c cable are more widely available

SILVERS S7 says:

what the hell, everyone is defending Apple and Samsung like they are there own country. Cut the bullshit I have been an iPhone user for more than 5 years. However Samsung has step up there game, for me now S8 is better than the iPhone 7. Let see how Apple going to replay to the S8. Just know that I don't care what company is better but what phone deserves my hard errand money.

ed Ma says:

I love their channel but this time it horrible table for the unpacked

Erik Haluzak says:

Please CNET, unboxing?

Kevin V says:

Samsung is bargaining for their own fall with the money

Darwin Perez says:

the plastic on the screen… why u didn't peel it all the way?… it's like almost having an orgasm…

Mark Reyes says:

got mine today s8+

Sal Maan Muhammad says:

Mines coming in a better box :DDDDD EXYNOS VARIANT FTW

Rami Barakat says:

In what country is this phone manufactured at?

Jonathan Varghese says:

A good old CNET unboxing video…
relaxed sigh

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