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Get an iPhone 5S with a $75 discount with US Mobile:

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Neeraj says:

US mobile charge for incoming and toll free outgoing calls… I know this sounds shocking but true fact.. in case you need proof, please let me know.

wwe shield says:

I can't open the data of my us mobile in the signal there is a ! sign about the signal and I can't use my data please help

Junito Lopez says:

These plans are good for Ninja lines, Not as a primary line. I highly recommend Cricket Wireless, $35/month with auto pay on the AT&T network.

E Allen says:

I'm changing to usmobile right now because I have never seen a purpose in paying $50 or more on a stupid phone or plan. Cell phone companies are making millions off of people obsessed with iphone 6 and their unlimited plans it's ridiculous. I'll see how it goes I just wanna talk and text occasionally and pay under $30 a month.

Khai Bui says:

lol its funny how you said you paid for 100 mins a month. you talked to someone for 10 mins so you have 90 mins left then someone call you and talk to you for 40 mins, you have 50 mins left. i don't see anything wrong with that, just add more minutes if you need more. the problem with you is that when you signed up for us mobile and being a cheapie , you only added $2 for 100 mins which it is not enough to use for a month.

Joseph Smith says:

Nice review. I just bought a new Moto X Pure and am waiting for my US Mobile SIM card to come. I bought an unlocked phone so I could try it out on various prepaid plans. I chose US Mobile first for my testing.

TechRevolution says:

Get an iPhone 5S with a $75 discount with US Mobile:

dodgerbob55 says:

You said there would be a link, and there isn't!

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