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In this video I do a review of US Mobile, a new cell phone carrier with plans catered toward the individual.

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scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40% says:

does the data expire after a month or does it carry over?

Elijah Campbell says:

the prices just got updated for the better

DOSBoxMom says:

Apparently, US Mobile offers free SIM cards for college students (otherwise they're currently $3.99). My daughter's Boost Mobile LG Tribute 2 (used on RingPlus for over a year) probably can't use these, though, as her phone is CDMA-only (I believe). US Mobile's phone store has phones starting at $69; otherwise, Amazon Prime customers can get the base model of the BLU R1 HD (GSM-unlocked) for $49. (Don't know if my daughter wants to spend that kind of money to switch to a T-Mobile MVNO, though.)

Z&S Bonnie says:

Is that work for unlocked Sprint phone?

Joseph Mosher says:

Does data roll over?

Neeraj says:

They charge for Toll free and incoming calls.. yes this is shocking but true, if you need proof let me know.

Steven Kokko says:

How do you test edge signal? does anyone know?

bigtutubi says:

Nice review. I just saw them on my facebook newsfeed, did a google search and found your video. I just received a new sim from T-mobile, but I think I'll try US Mobile after I use up the 30 minutes on the new sim.

Native722 says:

I'm a current tmobile customer and looking to lower my bill. I'll strongly consider us mobile since I barely use my phone.

Miguel Medina says:

TMobile is amazing and the best carrier here in Palm Beach not including Verizon.

I'm going to try them out. I don't need unlimited talk and messaging .. internet though … I'll use YouTube red and Google Play Music for offline content. I'll try to see how I can survive on $12.

I don't want Boost mobiles $30 plan anymore. Rather save that money.

M B says:

I've been using them for a while. Great customer service. Coverage is dictated by TMobile Towers, – US Mobile said so when I spoke with them on the phone. . I'm a former customer of both Verizon and Tmobile. My bills were always about $150-$220 with them. With US Mobile, my bill is $40/month. NICE!

Rigid Records says:

Great vid Stetson, you sold me as well

Peter North says:

Great review! By the way, what was your average bill with taxes and regulatory, fees ,etc.. included???

Stas Klevtsov says:

US Mobile sucks, no coverage here in Monterey, California!

N0hbody says:

What the fuck, I emailed their customer service asking something and I got a reply in 3 minutes. That's just amazing…I think I'm sold already on this company.

Note: I'm used to customer service that at least takes a hour to go through.

LS says:

Good review. I'm going to try them for a relative who has a current T-Mobile flip phone line. The coverage is great but it costs about $30 for someone who uses no data and never texts. All he needs is a cheap voice plan and this looks like a win. Should drop to $10 now.

Yiv Luong says:

Note that each plan bucket is only good for one phone line. The minutes, texts and data can not be shared with another lines, including those were added to your account. Those additional line for extra $2 is convenience service fees so that you can mange all lines from a single account.

hk hjg says:

really good review

Kayden Tyler says:

Great video! Question. So is one of the reasons the plans are so cheap is that they cap the speeds on the data? I'm considering this to use on my Urbane LTE 2nd edition watch. If it works, this would change the game for me. Again. LOL. I'm currently using Project Fi on my watch with no issues.

Felix FTV says:

I don't know if you can help me but my question is: Can I keep my Italian phone number while using the us mobile plan? And can I text and phone to Italy without extra cost?

ChrisGotsIt says:

Can I use my Google Voice number on US Mobile?

Rivky B says:

it is T-Mobile i just called them

Jasmine L says:

Does US Mobile have any tax or hidden fee? That is, if I choose a plan costing $18, will this be all I will pay or will it be $18 + tax & fee?

k k says:

Thanks for the review.I have questions like,i have frequent calls in other countries.So does us mobile works with rebtel?I have phone that us purchased in other country will that work ?Plz let me know.

Celeste Falcon says:

Do you know whether talk minutes/text/data carry over? It says on their website (in the info about top-ups) but they don't, but I just started my second month, and it looks like everything I didn't use carried over.

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