Using a Flip Phone in 2017 – Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Review

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Our last Folder 2 video just gave us some first impressions, but now Miles takes a closer look into this nostalgic flip phone. This video covers what it like using this Folder 2 as a day-to-day phone, enjoy!

Folder 2 – Unboxing and First Impressions:

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Rumman Ansari says:

whats your take on BlackBerry KEYone?

Septfox says:

Seems like they should have figured out how to double-hinge it or something, so it could be folded all the way open into a landscape device.

Squaller says:

Believe it or not, I would trade my Galaxy S7 for this phone

MMORAW says:

Phones should be just for voice calling for other thing like gaming, texting, photo, etc. it exist TABLETS lots of tablets.

C. P. says:

What was the game? Bullet? Thanks


dope phone👌

evobusa says:

Hey, look at all these books in my garage next to a Lamborghini.

adir mugrabi says:

it needed to have a 360 hinge

adir mugrabi says:

whats an animated jif?

Gunjan Sarkar says:

mini MKBHD😂

vexuse2.0 says:

its fucking joke this shit 😂😂😂😂

Degu Master says:

Dang I would kind of like a flip phone…but with a full keyboard

Михаил Красавин says:

impossible to game? have you tried the almighty Gravity Defied (yeah there is a port on google play, not that crap from codebrew)? 😀


add me on pool ID- 1350701197

3165dwayne says:

lol, I love how people forgot that smartphones used to also come in the flip phone form factor.

byDemon says:

can I play Clash Royale on this phone?

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