Verizon GizmoPal 2 LG Phone Watch for Kids Review

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Verizon GizmoPal 2 LG Phone Watch for Kids Review by gear expert, Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo. More information on the GizmoPal2 –

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  • Justin Nguyen

    Wtf , who they hell names their boy "savannah"

  • Hayden’s Boos

    I have this I’m ten it’s amazing and I go out side and some times drop it or it’s falls out of my background but it’s still works and it’s aloud at school and know they have touch screen!

  • Eva Sancen

    How much is it

  • DiyStudio 76

    Santa gave me this

  • Fernandez Kids

    My dad is getting one for me

  • Aubrey Thompson

    I have one!

  • Ilse Tay

    Use apple watch. Its the best :). P.s. not sponsered by Apple

  • Lily Waterflower

    is this a add or a video im so comfused

  • Aaliyah Hughes

    My older brother who is in 8th grade has one of those and I have a iPhone and I'm in 6th grade 😂😂😂

  • timothytay100

    over dramtic lady silly very silly and that watch is great but a iphone or any phone is good

  • Lil’ Chise Savage

    They only want the watch so that they can do your house work that you can't do

  • PenToPaper

    Good idea I don't need to get my kids a phone

  • Butt face Poopoo head

    I have a Fitbit

  • Reema Obe

    What the prise fo this watch

  • Hairy Marbles

    The boys name is savanna?

  • Mutton Man

    I neeeeeeeed my mum to get this for me cuz my iPad doesn't have any built in wifi

  • Amodita Biswas

    It is nice but from where you got

  • Sami & Tilly Smile

    Why just ditch it or leave it in your bag

  • John William

    Who notice her phone battery???lol

  • Unicorn Lover

    how mush and where can i buy it

  • Sammie Le

    I'd get so pissed if I had this.

  • Friend house Vlogs

    I have one I want a phone I hate the gizmo

  • Xiomara Morales

    I want that so bad

  • Hannah Ristick

    How much are they

  • Yzabella Floyd

    I have gizmo pal 1 the 2 one was horobal

  • Lanaland

    Lol my friend used to use this during class 😂

  • Claudia TV

    For older kids, go with Gizmo Gadget because they allow up to more contacts and only 3 contacts can text the watch and the kid can set their own wallpaper and keep track of their steps, also the parent can set to dos for the kid to do. You can allow up to 13 contacts for calling and the Gizmo gadget comes to your phone