Vintage Nokia Phone Review

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Hello! long time no video! Here today is a good look (review) at a very old vintage nokia mobile phone! This is a rare one, with original charger and manual that I found being thrown away! Thanks for watching and enjoy!!


Rusty Old Dog says:

I have an old blue model 1100. 🙂 Nice Nokia you have there, the things were built to last.

Fizzle Master52 says:

Who's watching in 2017

laurababyseal laura says:

I had this phone when I was 12-13😁

J D says:

my father has 2 of these in the mk.1 version in his drawer, an unbreakable phone this is.

Krycek says:

The envelope blinking means ur memory is full/almost full.

Torwalk says:

What kind of charger does this phone use? A friend of mine gave me this model, but i can't find out what kind of charger do i need for it

Nabil Darell says:

answer aaaaand the opposite of the anwer!!!!

Stacey Marsdin says:

Can I keep it

Stacey Marsdin says:

Vi give you 10 pound

Stacey Marsdin says:

I one it for sale ng19w 9raburn street

Mohammed Sahid says:

Hey do still have this phone

Mohammed Sahid says:

Hey do still have this phone

The Redfield Cell Phone Channel says:

That is actually a Nokia 2118 from 1994. Not quite one of the first Nokia's to come out, but still a very nice collectible.

Chris Lumsden says:

This is not a Nokia 100 model, the 100 is an analog AMPS phone from 1993.

Randomeverythingboy everythingboy says:

i will give you 10 pound for it

AfroGamer says:

That Or the Nokia 3310 Were my first phones! and i got them when i was 8, in 2010

John P says:

is your camera vintage too? 🙂

Star Guy Thing says:

There are two Nokia 100 models?

Gavin Dreyer says:

I will give u 20.00

Psivewri says:

@MezashiTheCat no I actually did use it on a 3G network and I could receive calls fine 🙂

manlysponge says:

@manlysponge yea man. its rhys from vale park

Psivewri says:

@manlysponge thank you Manlysponge! ps, do I know you? 😛

manlysponge says:

holy crap! nathan, you're voice has changed

necfx says:

You seriously deserve partnership 😀

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