Vlogging Camera Gear Review: DJI’s Osmo Mobile vs Osmo+ 🎥

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An all-in-one camera for both amateur and experienced vloggers: the Osmo Mobile and Osmo+ ▾ // See more details below // ▾

Come and watch the video to see the difference between the two, as well as why you should have at least one of them in your arsenal for your blogging or vlogging work!

↠ OSMO MOBILE: https://www.dji.com/osmo-mobile (Amazon: http://bit.ly/osmomobiledji)
↠ OSMO+: https://www.dji.com/osmo-plus (Amazon: http://bit.ly/osmoplusdji)
↠ Z-AXIS STABILIZER: http://bit.ly/djizaxisstabilizer
↠ TRIPOD: http://bit.ly/tripoddji
↠ EXTENSION ROD: http://bit.ly/djiextensionrod

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~ Sending love and thanks to the amazing DJI team for sending over this cool gear!

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  • iAmAileen

    Which would you pick? The Osmo Mobile or the Osmo+? 😍

  • Micheal Niduaza

    I have a DJI Mobile and love it! I don't really use the Osmo app. The extra features it offers are meh to me. But, for the issue you mentioned with the iPhone, double check to see if the app has stabilization on or off. It's actually better to keep it on, despite the fact that you use the Osmo to stabilize your video. The reason is that on the iPhone when you disable the stabilization in the Osmo app it DOES NOT lock the lens in one spot (I recently learned this in a different video).


    thank for shareing tips

  • MisterBassBoost

    Good! Keep it up!

  • Explore the wonders

    I would definitely choose the mobile one, so perfect for excellent photos and videos without having your hand shake so hard.