Wacom Mobile Studio Pro Review + Unboxing + SKETCH!

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I GOT A NEW TOY!!! I wanted to do something different and do an unboxing/review video and then a sketch!! I hope you enjoy it :))

The final illustration will be posted on my Social media tonight!

The Tablet: http://www.wacom.com/en-id/products/pen-computers/wacom-mobilestudio-pro

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Hama A says:

what's the best wacom mobile studio pro or cintiq 22hd? I am confused

Yaros Yari says:

dog or fox…
great tablet.

Glitch Paint says:

"didn't want to overwhelm myself with a complicated drawing" draws fucking mona lisa masterpiece

albert2004 says:

Is the photoshop free?

KrobTheGreat 1 says:

Pause at 0:15, have fun seeing that in your nightmares

Craig R says:

What size is it? 😮
The 13' or 16'?

ღᴀᴢᴜsᴀღ says:

Im over here with my intuos draw xD

doel jabloed says:


Lucy Captures the northwest says:

looked this up on amazon damn that price tho

Wilmari Rosario says:

I want your dog ! And your art tablet

tg2502 says:

Since ive recently gotten into doing digitial art.. and i dont have near as much money as i would need for the mobile studio pro.. if anyone else out there has used the Cintiq 13HD I'd love to know how it reacts and if it would be good to use for a beginner! Cintiq 13HD

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