Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk – BEST cheap mobile cell phone! – Review & Video

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Dr Mumsy reviews these 2 budget friendly cell phone services…..WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!

Both of these plans do not require contracts and allow you to bring your own phone. This is great if you have an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The Walmart plan uses T-Mobile, Straight Talk uses multiple carriers including AT@T/Verizon and is basically a tracphone service. Watch this video to see who has the best service for the cheapest price.


atomac23 says:

wal mart plan is worst plan that country can have it. bad signal,horrible service. after canceling keep sending ghost bills.
stay away from it.

george cushman says:

Go to StraightRefill dot (com) to reup your straight talk service for a cheaper price!

Michael Hudgens says:

Strait Talk SUCKS… they kept shutting my service off cause i used 5 gig

John Gage says:

It's a good deal until you have to talk to them on the phone , then you find out why it's so cheap . IDIOTS !

Sasuke Uchiha says:

@Dr Mumsy, can you put your Family Mobile chip inside IPhone 6?

Jeremiah Brownfield says:

I have been with straight talk for about 6 years now and I never had any problems what so ever. All I do is get a card every month and refill or like I did one year just buy the $495 card and enjoy an entire year of unlimited everything uninterrupted set it and forget it until that day next year. My experience with straight was absolutely better than boost mobile which is who I switched from and been faithful since.

Jolie Aranda says:

Wait is it 2 gigs or unlimited

gail bastian says:

I can't hear you!

Tonya Zaborac says:

they're both the same company distraught talk, which does have many other a.k.a.'s

billcarsonalias says:

using straight talk for about a year. no problems in los angeles. customer service is ok. the set up took a bit of patience, but I got through it. came to this video because i was in wallmart today and saw family mobile. i was with virgin before, but the cell service was on sprint and it was no good. I think for the price, you have to sacrifice customer service.

Mask Rider#1 says:

You spoke English pretty well but can't hardly here you. Can you speak louder

Austin Crenshaw says:

I use h20 wireless I get for 40 3gb of 4g and it go 2g after and it uses att

pirucreek says:

I want straight talk because unlike the walmart plan that uses tmobile network, straight talk uses verizon, att, tmobile, and sprint networks. You get them all.

Mike wilson says:

can i use the phone i have?? or do i have to spend more money

Mike wilson says:

hey wisdom…how can i get that plan?? right now im on metro pcs

*Mindya Own Business* says:

I've used a off contact deal from T-Mobile that gave me 5GB of 4G LTE data (after that, idk), unlimited text, and 100 minutes for $30 flat. I only used 500mb and I watched 2 hours of YouTube and Netflix on the bus a day.

It's a great plan. I would use it now, but I'm looking for something cheaper. Actually, I think I'll just go ahead and get it, if I can't find something cheaper.

risingsonseven says:

How is the data speeds, have you used the phone for using YouTube and Facebook? And how about web browsing. Please do an update review of walmart mobile

Kiara Pujols says:

Would you use it with your iphone as well?

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