Why iPhone 7?

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Why iPhone 7? In this video I share with you my experience using the iPhone 7 after about 6 months and 3 different iPhone 7’s. Why iPhone 7 is the question, and this video should help you make that decision, comment below your thoughts, questions, feedback, and below you will find all relevant videos we have created on the iPhone 7 and enjoy 🙂

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Nick Ackerman says:

iPhone 7 has been on the market now for about 7 months and I have had extensive experience with this device, and in this video I share with you my experience and why the iPhone 7 is still a good buy and device, share your thoughts, feedback, questions, concerns and enjoy : )

Peridot Dorito says:

When my teacher allowed us to bring cellphones, she said ONLY USE IT FOR CALCULATING AND TAKING NOTES

teacher leaves the room

Everyone: Takes selfies

appledevice pro says:


Neeraj Kulkarni says:

can u make iphone 5 vs 7 video?

Lucasfelipe734 says:

does he use clue ? 😄😂

Jesus Rosales says:

Nick you should do why iPhone 6s

Tech_ky says:

hey man! love ur videos ….
but why ur iphone 7 has only 5 coloumns of apps and not 6.?

PHT says:

WHY 5S? please

Adri anna says:

I don't know which one should I choose iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s plus?

Skull King says:

In the place where I live,the iPhone 7 256gb is costlier than the galaxy s8plus!!!!!!(Greedy Apple!!!)

Ethan Kispert says:

I like the look, size, and power of the iPhone 7, but I think I'll stick with my S7 for now. Great video though!

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